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    [Wanted] - Unique phpBB forum template

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    Here are websites of several designers who do very good custom phpBB styles:

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    I make custom phpbb templates for $150 each. You can see some of my templates at these locations:


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    Yep, FF8Jake is also good, but I didn't know he does custom styles.

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    I am interested in designing your phpbb template. Designs would include logo, colors and icons.

    The price would be 150$.

    I recently designed phpBB complete template that you can see in use at The whole look is my design-work.

    I have 6 years of web developing experience.
    Some of my skills are: HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash content and animations, PowerPoint, Photoshop, GIF animation, MS Excel, MS Access, photography and photo retouching.

    Recently I designed e-commerce site (Miva Market shop) for client in Austin, Texas at

    You can see my complete references at and get a view of my past work.

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