Hello everyone, This is the sales Dept at J&M Hosting, wanting to you all know about the great deals at J&M for March and April.

Our currently deals for March is the We Match The Prices, March Madness Deals. Where we will match prices from any other hosting company, with the space of there plan and everything. It doesn't matter if you pay by the month, or year, we will still match any deal, check the home page of j-m-hosting.com for more details.

Then our April deal which is already running, you can get our Pro plan for the price of our Plus plan for 3 months.

Many have said, "You offer so small amounts of space for so much money" This has a simple answer to, J&M Cares about server speed, we want the customer to have the best speed, so there for we don't OVERSELL our space on our servers.

Just thought i'd let you know , We also have a great four way support system, details on that is in the welcome email you get when you sign up.

Check us out if you want at j-m-hosting.com you can ask us questions by posting in our forum, or sending a email to [email protected], also you can post back in this forum.

Thanks [email protected]