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    FTP/Connection Problems

    I'm having very peculiar problems with my server. First thing, with FTP, it won't allow people that use Comcast as their ISP to upload any files. It gets about half way to uploading a file, and then stops, and decreases it's upload speed to about .02kbps and the upload just fails completely. I have Comcast myself, and so do a number of my other clients, and they're all experiencing this, but people with AOL or MSN are not experiencing this at all. And when I login to WHM, I get this message:

    Timeout while trying to fetch to fetch Web Host Manager news. The News server may be down or unreachable.

    And, I even went to that link, and the page is up. I really have no clue what's wrong. I haven't made any configuration changes, and it just started happening today.

    If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    How are the traceroutes to the server?

    Also have you tried setting your ftp sessions to be in PASSIVE mode?

    Are you using proftp or pureftp or something else ?
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    Do you have firewalls setup? What does your firewall settings look like?
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    For some reason, the problem fixed itself randomly after 5 hours of not working...

    You can close the topic..or..whatever you do with topics that have been resolved.

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