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    NiXT Need Some Help...

    Hello I need some help with Nixt, I need to know what do i use as the: Package String when i am adding/editing plans....

    My orignal code:
    <option value="n,y,300,n,x,1,1,1,1,1,1000,n,0,0,default,*******_Free Hosting">*******_Free Hosting</option

    Do I Copy that exactly into it???

    And I want to know cuz i have a FREE plan, which i want this to do auto,, Is there a way a client can by pass the system for free order, cuz it send them to paypal.... and PayPal Won't accept FREE..


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    Not sure if you noticed but the current release of NIxt is not working with WHM. I would use WHM Autopilot. It 100 times better.

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    I think it will be:
    n,y,300,n,x,1,1,1,1,1,1000,n,0,0,default,*******_Free Hosting

    And i had tested Nixt... It's working fine with CPANEL

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    strange nixt doesn't work with cpanel 9.0

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