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    Looking for lots of storage

    I already have a great unlimited (everything but bandwidth and storage of course) reseller plan than I'm more than happy with. This more than takes care of everything so far that I've needed. But I'm expanding into a new project that requires massive storage space with (at least at first) little bandwidth usage. It's a very weird requirement and I'm hoping you guys could help me out a little.

    Basically, it's an online photo sales site. The photos are compressed but still high in file size because they're high-res. I could easily see 4 GB in the first month and 10 GB pretty quickly. The high res files will only be transferred when a sale is conducted, so overall bandwidth won't be terribly high and especially low at first.

    Depending on the package and other variables, I may run my actual site off this host or run it off my current host and just stash all the high res images on the new host. In either case, I pretty much need PHP and MySQL. I supposed I could get by without MySQL, but I'd prefer not to.

    I'm looking for some host suggestions here. This isn't exactly and ordinary hosting package I'm looking for some thoughts - suggest a few hosts, mention your experiences with them, etc. I'm pretty familiar with PHP/MySQL/website technology and don't need much support, just something that plain works.

    After I get your feedback, I may post in the section where I can ask for host quotes type stuff if this doesn't work out.


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    Why don't you contact your current host and see if they can cut a deal with you? You'll find that most of the time they'll try and work something out. Maybe they could just charge you for "backup" space.
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    How much are we looking at for bandwidth? and space of course, say on avarage, post the details so we can recomend

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    A few things...

    I have talked to my current host, they basically wanted to hook me up with more space at a rather expensive price. I'm looking around in the market and will come back to them and see what they say.

    As far as my bandwidth requirements, in the first few months, I seriously doubt it would be more than twice, or at the furthest stretch of the imagination, three times my storage requirement.

    Remember, this is basically online storage, not so much a website. I could be perfectly happy hosting on my current host everything but the high res files, which I would host on this space. PHP would control access. I'm going to want to keep hundreds and eventually thousands of images online so that when the customer buys a photo, it's available for instant download.


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    The low cost datacenters such as ev1ervers and servermatrix tend to give you far more bandwidth than space. So in this perspective space costs your host more than the actual bandwidth does. It'll take awhile for you to find someone that will give you a lot more space for cheap but I'm sure someone will do it.
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    Um, yeah, I did figure it would take some looking. That's why I'm poking around here. Are there any hosts out there willing to whip me up a decent package - lots of space, a little bandwidth.

    If you are a host, please private message me. And if you aren't selling your services, please post your suggestions here!

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    Well make a request on the host quote up there.

    But from a host perspective, I would tell you little bandwidth matters little or less. While diskspace is fairly limited, and harder to expand in capacity, bandwidth is fairly easy. You can simply pay more or ask to buy a bigger block of bandwidth monthly.

    On the other hand, when it comes to harddisk, if a host finish using the capacity they have, the only alternative is to add another harddisk at a certain cost, and requires additional configurations and a bit more hassle.

    But try the host quote function. Perhaps someone is willing to bite. I know I wouldn't unless the price is right.
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    There is a dedicated server at with following configuration.. maybe good for you

    CPU: Intel Celeron 400Mhz
    Memory: 256MB PC100 SDRAM
    Hard Drive: 20GB IDE or 9GB SCSI
    Bandwidth: 100GB/Month
    IP Addresses: 5

    I haven't used this personally.. I just know about this offer
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    OK, I'll have to make a request and see who bites. Thanks for the comments, and of course, if you have anything else relevant, I'd love to hear that too.


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    I think the right thing for you in such a circumstances is to look for dedicated hosting - as it provides huge disk storage capacity and bandwidth.

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