When you spend your advertising dollars, do you at all care about the intelligence of your campaign and quality of response you get? I am sure you do, that is why at TheWorldJournal.com we have developed this affordable opportunity for anyone who is interested in gaining attention of tens of thousands of people the right way.

Sure you can get tons of traffic through traffic-driving services, but would the value and response of one visitor you get that way be the same to you than the value of one person who finds you himself because he is really interested in your offer?

TheWorldJournal.com has implemented a new text-link marketplace panel which is getting displayed on the lower part of almost all network pages. (Please, consult the main page to see it in action.)

In a period of one month your advertising text-link will be displayed over 200,000 times to over 150,000 unique users of our web site. And with a maximum of 5 advertisers (5 lines), your link will never be "lost" among hundreds of links like on any PPC engine. In other words, you also buy yourself exclusivity. So what better way to get such a great exposure?

Our Media Kit gives you a little insight as to who our visitors are.

The rent cost for one advertising text link is:

One month: $80
Two months: $140

We strive for quality of advertising users that come to us with a visit. Our traffic is our pride. Most find us through search engines, hand-picked partner engines and web sites. Considering the quality of traffic, our prices are one of the best on the market. Since we don't ask our users to click or support us in any way, those that will visit your site will, in fact, be interested in your product or service.

Stats are not provided since the panel unites all text-link campaigns in one. However, to give you a better idea, it helps to think of this opportunity this way:

If you forecast at the very *very* bare minimum, if someone clicks your link at least 1 time per 1000 impressions, that brings us to at least 200 interested buyers interested in your business. Your cost would not exceed $0.40 per potential customer.

Now, what would it cost you to bring equally interested users to your site through AdWords, Overture or other PPC engines? Without a doubt - sometimes times more! Not to mention that with us, the environment is more relaxed, you are competing against 4 companies at most, versus hundreds of services through busy PPC sites.

If interested, contact me by posting here, sending me a PM or e-mailing me through my profile.

Status: 3 spots available.