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    .inc domain at

    Hi guys,

    before a few weeks i registered a .inc domain at the story sounds ok until here.......after 3-5 Days the domain still didnt work..also couldnt ping i contacted the support (live support is never available).

    The support needed a whole week to answere....guess what the answere was:

    What domain in my account am i talking about ?

    That was the answere from the the way, i have only one domain there

    I used again the trouble ticked an asked them if they joke.....i told the domain (cause they are not very smart) and they told ma again after one week, that they will do anything that i can use the domain........

    Now already 5-6 weeks left..the domain still doesnt work and i wrote them more times...get no answere more......

    whats wrong? did they sell me something whats not even usable??? or what??? sorry but these guys suck....


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    .inc (and many other extensions at registerfly) will not work, because it is not an official extension (ISO-3166 list at Only official ccTLDs (ISO-3166) and gTLDs (+ .arpa I guess) are present in the world root servers. Other extenson will only "trick" the system by using third party domain to access the internet...
    Smart marketing though not quite honest... They make money on thin air.
    Sorry you fell in it

    (.web, .firm, .go, .god etc are only virtual wishfull projects)
    Perhaps one day some of these exotic extensions will come out.... but there is no guarantee that the previous "owner" lists will be taken into account... actually (that's an other topic), this might be a reason why icann chose strange .biz... coz there were other more "obvious" extension projects for that matter... (.firm, .inc I think).
    .ws, .cc, .nu, .tv, .bz and many other are working ok.

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    how is it possible that these mother****ers sell this stuff ???? and tell me that they will do anything that they work????

    So they lie???

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    They have probably added some footnote legal stuff so to be "covered" (?).
    A classic in todays greedy business behaviour I'm afraid (especially in US where firms have traditionnaly the "upperhand" over customers)
    But yeah, basically those extensions don't have any official existence. I don't find it 's very fair play either. But they make money from that, thats for sure....

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    Not worth the money.
    Quality web hosting

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    There are even .usa domains for sale With plug-in of course. Waste of money when .us is around.

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    .inc extension requires a plugin to work. You have to download it from TLDs as others have commented: "'s extensions are next to useless!"
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    yep you've been ripped, try for a chargeback with your cc company.

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