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    Advice: from Dedicated to Shared

    I know most people move from a Shared hosting enviroment to a Dedicated one, but I'm moving in the opposite direction. There's a little annoying voice in the back of my head that keeps me second-guessing my decision.

    My old host allowed me to do whatever I wanted since my account was so old. I had unlimited space and bandwidth, and they never bothered me about anything. The only problem was I didn't have MySql access. I would have to pay an additional $15 a month for that. They had restructured their plans so that now it's only about 5 gig transfer, but since my account was older they never made it an issue. I always felt kind of guilty though.

    The new host I'm on has everything + MySql for the same price, but now I'm sharing the server space with other sites. I can't just type in the ip of my page and get to just *my* page anymore but now I have MySql access. I just feel a little uncomfortable on a server that could be affected by one bad website (spam, excessive cpu usage, etc.)

    From a hosting point-of-view, would it be a good idea to stick with the new host and ditch the old one, or go back to the old host and pay the $15 a month for database hosting? Another alternative I can think of would be to keep the old one, then find a new host just for the database, which I plan on hosting a forum on.

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    I also moved backwards. Not mentioning any names, two former hosts (I was a dedicated customer) would go down often. When I asked them or complained, they would always make me feel like it was only me. "That's odd, everyone else is fine". Yeah right! Bull.

    Now I am back to a shared invironment and love it. If there is a server issue, they have to please me and 30+ others. I find service much better. Also, on my shared account, I can see the other users, so I know they aren't overselling.

    Also, I learned my lesson "bargain" shopping for hosting. You get what you pay for. I can't be down because my site is my living. I have a morgage to pay. Now I am paying 3 times the price, but I don't have to have outages and have 24/7 staffed support. It is worth every penny and I sleep better at night.

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    It really depends on your needs.

    While a shared environment is indeed that...shared, it's not as insecure as you may think. Yes, one bad seed can affect the rest of the clientbase on that server. However, a host that actually watches their boxes, and monitors them for this activity, should eliminate this, for the most part.
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    Hey lotsaram,

    Just curious, who is your host, as you speak so highly of them?



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