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    Growing to dedicated without the growing pains-Great reading for newbies

    hi everyone,

    Currently I'm a reseller that is going to rent a dedicated server(Unmanaged). I have plenty of experience, 5 years as a reseller, and want to upgrade to a ded. server. Can anybody help me out with some SSH issues? I only have experience with FTP but I'm familiar with *nix commands.

    • I have CPanel on my current reseller account. Is there any tutorial or anybody can explain about a command using ssh to copy my current accounts with emails and passwords from my reselling services to the new server that I choose?

    • Also if there's anybody on the audience that is currently a reseller and wan'ts to have his own reseller account for free with special considerations like free web design in English or Spanish(I'm a webdesigner by trade, HTML,PHP,Flash,Photoshop experience)for exchanging his free unlimited guidance on helping out to manage the server please post your info. Please I'm looking for a responsible person that is going to take advantage of the free reselling account not taking advantage of the server. No porno, No IRC, No Hate, or any illegal or dubious matter.

    Thanks in advance to all the community for your intelligent support that will be of help in this thread....

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