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    Need of A Decent comparison...

    I have seen a few of the top comparisons on this board and soem sites but was not able to find a decent comparison that actually compares servers against each other.

    In other words, a chart that shows similar servers from different company lined up and feature compared side by side.

    Also in many reviews their is a lack of tests, like PING results, Total Similtaniouse Bandwidth capacity, and Average Upload/Download Speed.

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    Here is an Example:

    Dedicated Server---------------------------------------- (Unmanaged) - $139 a month
    .AMD Athlon 2200 Processor
    .512mb Ram with 80gb HD
    .900 GBytes Bandwidth - No Cogent
    .Windows2003 Standard + Web Matrix + 1ip + IIS6
    Extra Software--------------------------------------------
    Security and Reliability-----------------------------------
    .Up 90% of the time, Monitors Ddos and etc, but no Firewalls or etc
    .No backups, Auto Reboot, 24x7 but sometimes not on weekends. 3 tickets for major issues. Has live support. Takes 1 - 2 days for response usually.
    .Can't run IRC server or anythign to do with IRC. ips for mail are blacklisted by some emails.
    .Claims an OC3 ;Ping: 65ms; Download: 200kbps; Upload: 100kbps; Seems: it could be faster...

    This isn't that great an example of the info on my server, I wanted to include more details and I will too, try to make it as detailed as possible, but when I get more time. Put up your servers as well.

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