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    For Sale Gamer Fizz


    I'd like to put up for sale, We sold the clients a month or so ago, but we have had many people order since then but we've had to turn them down. Most of the people who have been ordering have been ordering game servers. (we were going to go back at it, but decided not to.)

    What you get:
    Unique layout (.PSD, Full rights, Logo)
    All Content
    Exclusive Game server ordering Scripts
    Intergrated ordering and login for Client Exec (matches the site design)
    Domain (registered at Name Cheap)
    No clients, No Servers, Nothing other than what is listed here.

    I'm looking for a quick sale, this would be great startup for your next company, or a division.

    We advertised with Google Adsense, and various other advertising agencies.

    Starting bid: $50

    You MUST place your bid in these forums, I will not take any bids through PM or email.

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    How many orders a day/week are you currently receiving?

    Bid: 50% first month commission on every account sold through the site (sent via PayPal)

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    my bid is $50.00 when does the bidding end
    Hosting with out the bull
    24/7 tech support

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    It varies per week, its been dying down because we haven't advertised for alittle while, but if you put it back up on google adsense you should start recieving orders again.

    I honestly can't guarantee any orders as that would be next to impossible. We've received many requests for Counter-Strike 1.5 servers within the past few days. The orders that have been made have been 2-3 in the past week. (this is pretty good for no current customers, and no current advertising)

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    I will be sending the winner a cd with website and a mysql backup on it for paypal reasons.

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    Mar 2004
    Los Angeles, Ca.
    My Offering $100

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    Also, this comes with

    3 AIM sns:

    MIRC Chat room under gamesurge (used to be gamesnet) #gamerfizz

    and pretty much anything else I can think of that goes with this site.

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    When does the bidding end?

    Bid: 50% first month commission on every account sold through the site (sent via PayPal) during the next 12 months.

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    biding 125.00
    Hosting with out the bull
    24/7 tech support

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    Techsolutions, Sorry I cannot accept that bid because I will have no clue to when you are making money and such. There is a chance that you won't be able to get enough orders to justify the site and such... I'd suggest getting a loan from your friends or something.

    The bidding will end when I feel it should end, but I will give a 24 hour notice in this forum before it does end so everyone has an equal chance to get the ending bid in.

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    There would be no problem in justifying the site. I'm already doing shared web hosting.

    I'll have fixed-price bid for you shortly.

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    Ok, we are starting the 24 hour mark at 7:10 PM EST, so this site will be sold to the highest bidder at 7:10 PM EST Monday, March 22, 2004.

    Currently the highest bidder is:
    gmilazzo @ $125

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    Thanks for your bid twstdroot:

    Currently the highest bidder is:
    twstdroot @ $175

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    Bidding closed.

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