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    Php-Nuke Question neeeds answers!

    Hey all, here's the Q:

    I just recently moved all the before-HTML coded articles from an old html-only layout of my website to the database of my php-nuke run new layout. The problem is, not every article is mine; because my site has a staff and everyone writes, some are from different authors than others.

    Now I can put a signifier on the bottom of all the articles just fine (-Name of author) manually, but since I was the one that transferred them all, it says that I was the one that posted all of them, and therefore when people come and look under authors of different articles, it looks like I did them all.

    So long story short, I need to know if there's a way to, as the god admin in phpnuke, change who the author is for articles.

    The quickest answer wins the prize...or something

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    I figured out how to change the authors of the posts thru phpMyadmin... but now I have a different problem.

    I was going through and changing all the new stories to programmed articles so that the true dates that they were posted would be shown, like through the archives and such. And after I finished I realized that for some reason they weren't showing up ANYWHERE... so that's a little alarming.

    Does anyone know how I can possibly fix this problem?

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    I had this problem when I was working on a site that posted HTML pages with articles and then tried to move them to a CMS system. Unfortunatly you are dealing with two seperate problems:

    Your first problem is the fact that when you log into PHP Nuke all of the articles you post will say "posted" or "written" by "username". Which makes it look like you are the author of everything that is posted. Now, please keep in mind that I'm not aware of your exact situation, so I'm going to post options for you.

    First, give the authors accounts on your site. This way they can log into the site and post the articles themselves. Just copy and paste the information into the form. If this is not possible then post the articles under your account. At the top of each article state "written by [author name]". You may want to have th author's name link to his/her email address or web site.

    Now, for time, if I'm not mistaken there is a feature at the bottom of the post form that allows you to specify the time. Not quite sure if it works for date. However you can change the date in the administration configure area.

    I hope this helps you.
    - Chris
    [email protected]

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    Yeah it does... and I actually figured out a way to do it thru phpmyadmin... good thing cause the whole deal was getting me pretty frustrated.

    Thanks for the help though!

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