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    New to server management. How difficult is it?


    I run a message board currently on but due to the huge traffic I'm now getting and their abysmal service it looks like the only way to go is dedicated server.

    How difficult is managing a server for a newbie?

    Is it just a case of ftp uploading files or is it much more technical?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question but I'm really new to all this. Also if anyone could recommend a site with a beginners FAQ guide that'd be great.

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    I would never recommend that you jump right into a dedicated server for a large forum and little or no experience. There are several routes you can look at that would be much better for someone in your position (IMO).

    First if you are running between 50-100 gigs of transfer you can look at ServInt VPS. This is like a mini dedicated server but it comes fully managed from ServInt. That means you can do most everything you need from a control panel and then (under their watchful eye) learn how to do more and more on your own.

    If you are already over 100 gigs of transfer then look at the Dedicated servers in the same link I posted for you. If it's coming from ServInt it will be a fully managed solution so that you can concentrate on running your forum while they keep your server up to date and running smooth.

    The other route you could take is to grab an unmanaged dedicated server or VPS and hire a Sys Administrator to run things for you. Good Admins are hard to find and while this is certainly a viable solution it does usually cost a bit more this way.

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    Well, you have the issue of security. Security updates come out all the time and you need to update constantly or you will have hackers on your front door
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    I agree with Watcher_TVI, your next step is a virtual dedicated server. It is not necessary to be a genuine VPS or VDS. You can try any reseller account provided with, say, WHM/CPanel for about $20/mo. I think or ******.com are good enough for a large and dynamically developing forum.
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    Traffic is 150-200Gb/month

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    ServInt has VPS plans available to 300 gigs of transfer, still significantly less expensive than a full dedicated server. I really wasn't aware they went up that high but if they offer it they can certainly provide it...

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    Was under the impression you aren't allowed to advertise yourself here.

    Watcher_TVI made a good suggestion of ServInt...good for a newbie..

    But you can get cheaper and better servers by hiring a third party company for the security.

    thelinuxguy is on top of his game...i think he has some offers going on dedicated offers forum.

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    Hello. Dedicated server management isnt dificult as there're many tools to do it. It's quite simple...

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    I agree with Pux

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    You can learn. I recommend getting an old machine at home and load bsd or linux up on it to practice with. I recommend freebsd, if you follow their handbook it will get you off on the right foot to being an admin. As long as you can read, and retain information, anyone can learn
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    I suggest you start reading, signup for the forums (great reads there) and get a few linux books. If you have an old computer download a flavor of linux from and install it on there. Play around with that. Or go to and download that, burn to a cd and whenever you want linux just put the cd in and reboot. When you want to go back to you windows, just log out and reboot. Very useful tool...
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    Setting up may not be difficult since some of the procedures are already tabled down somewhere but I still do not suggest going in blind. You will still need a good working knowledge if not intimate relationship with the underling Operating System when it comes to knowing what and why you are doing things and troubleshooting the machine when things go wrong.

    Remember that server management is not something you do once and forget about it. It is an ongoing process. You may not need to be there 24/7 with your server but you still need to check back regularly to see if the security mechanism is still holding up and that the server is running at peak condition.

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    Key things to remember, set a hard password, use up2date and the WHM updating thingys, and you'll be fine
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    But your server will still be vulnerable.. you still need a good firewall and locking down the unnecessary services on your machine. You still need to optimize it for peak performance. I just hear too much horror stories of servers being compromised or going down ever so often. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I would get you feet wet with a VPS like with ServInt, Dinix, or VPSColo, ServInt is the only one taking on customers right now.

    Setup a server at home to also play around with and setup with firewall, do updates ons. There are some good info at EV1 servers forum also to help you out.

    It is not as easy as some people make it out to be.

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    Well, its not hard.

    Also if you want I can administer it..

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    Re: New to server management. How difficult is it?

    Originally posted by philameena
    I run a message board currently on but due to the huge traffic I'm now getting and their abysmal service it looks like the only way to go is dedicated server.
    You won't learn all the aspects of managing a server by reading a FAQ, if you really want to go dedicated go with a completely managed server provider and please is not managed. I'm talking about ServInt, Rusko and the others but expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 more for a completely managed server vs an unmanaged one.
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    Originally posted by rasputinj
    ServInt is the only one taking on customers right now.
    Where did you see this?

    I ordered a vps from vpscolo a few days ago and i just checked out there order page is still up .

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