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    Hosting Company For Sale (clients included)

    Hello WHT members,

    Well, I've been in the industry since November and it's been taking up a lot of my time which I don't really have to offer. So I came to the conclusion which is I would like to sell my hosting company. Below are some account statistics :

    • 2 paying monthly
    • 2 paying yearly
    • Good domain name
    • Happy clients
    • Reseller account that doesn't expire until November with (1gb space, 10gb bandwith).
    • Clients are paying via paypal.

    1 of the monthly clients is paying $7.99/mo, the other one is paying $5.99/mo.

    Both of the yearly clients are paying $79.99/year.

    The site currently does not have a design. We bought the old one for a large price to find out it was a rip. The original designer threatened to take legal action if we did not remove it. Designer was no where to be seen.

    For the company I'm looking for about $150. I am negotiable.

    If you wish for more information, PM me.

    Serious offers only please.


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    I can't PM you (you don't have enough posts)

    When are your yearly clients going to be due? Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Ah, yes - sorry, please use the email link in my profile. Include your aim/msn in the email if you have one.

    One of the yearly clients pays in November, the other one in December.

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    Hi Hostforsale1,

    Please email me using matt[at] with details of packages, control panel and features you offer to your customers.

    Many thanks,
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    PS The email link doesn't work... please email me and I'll send you my AIM username.


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    Your profile is configured to not accept emails.

    I'm willing to pay you now for the monthly hosting clients and then pay out later when the yearly clients become due. Thoughts?

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    Email sent - RetroWeb.

    Tech - What is your email address?

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    Send it to acquisitions (at)

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    Whats your aim ?

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    what's your aim
    Hosting with out the bull
    24/7 tech support

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    please send more info please
    Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.
    CEO Bradshaw Consulting Inc.

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    Sorry, clients have been sold for $100.

    If anyone would like the domain name and reseller - they are still for sale.

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    Ah well

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    If the deal falls through, email me, I'd do it for $140

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    okay, so highest bid is $140. Transfer hasn't ended yet. I'll tell him about the highest bid.

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    Hmm.. I've already paid you and spoken to the clients. I was under the impression the deal was done. Please *do* email me.

    Kind regards,

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    Can you logon to aim retro? I would like to discuss this.

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    Doing so now.


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    My bid ONLY stands if the deal falls through. Given you've been paid already, it looks like the transfer is almost complete.

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    Yes, the transfer is now complete, the clients have been sold.

    I'm now looking to sell the domain and reseller account.

    The domain is, it's quite a nice domain - easy to remember.

    The reseller account has 1gb space and 10gb bandwith. Contact me on aim (azuresupport) or pm me if you are interested. (pm now works)

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