AcuNett has been managing servers for over 2 years now. We manage servers from Rackshack(EV1), Burst/Nocster, Server Matrix, FDC, GNAX and many more.

We GUARANTEE a 6 hour response time, however on average our helpdesk response times are less than 30 minutes. There is no guaranteed resolution time, as different issues take different steps to solve.

We manage servers with FreeBSD or Linux. We also manage Gameservers as well as Plesk and cPanel servers. Here are a sample of the services that are provided (Other services not listed are OS/Control Panel specific):

Initial One-Time Service - $75 one-time

- SIM (System Integrity Monitor) - It reboots services that have failed within 5 minutes
- SPRI – (System Priority) - Sets priority to current processes being run on your server, decreasing load 10-25%
- PMON - (Port Monitor) – Monitors network connections and sends emails when new ports have been opened.
- PRM - (Process Resource Monitor) – Monitors all resources used by all processes and if a process is being flooded or causing high load on the server, it is killed.
- BFD - (Brute Force Detection) – Detects brute force connections and automatically enters the offending Ips into the firewall to be blocked.
- MailScanner and Clam-Antivirus – Detect emails containing viruses or spam and discard them so your server is not the origin of the spread of today’s common viruses or spam emails.
- /tmp hardening – We harden /tmp so no malicious scripts can be executed from the commonly used directory.
- Optimize FTP Server for faster connections.
- Optimize MySQL to reduce load and speed up MySQL connections.
- Optimize Apache to significantly reduce load and page loading times.
- Secure Apache which reduces the amount of information visable about a server's software making it less vulnerable.
- IDS (Intrusion Detection System) – Detects attempts to connect to the server and blocks the offending IP addresses.
- Host.conf Hardening – Prevents IP spoofing and prevents DNS poisoning.
- CHKRootKIt – Simple script that detects software used by hackers. It scans once a day and emails the client if any suspicious scripts are found.
- Disabling Unused Services – We disable unused services to prevent them from being exploited.
- Firewall Installation - (APF, Kiss, Bastille)
- TCP/IP Hardening – Prevents DDOS and SYN-Flood attacks.
- Logwatch – Sends a daily report to the client with all activity that has taken place on the server for that day.
- Operating System Optimization – Optimize the OS for faster operation and load reduction.
- Remove unused software – We remove unneeded software to prevent this software from being exploited.
- Libsafe - Libsafe prevents buffer overflows and scans for expliotable software and notifys the client daily if any is found.
- Turuk mmcache and Zend Optimizer Installation - which increases page loading times by caching php scripts.
- SSH Server Hardening - locks down the SSH server.

Monthly Service - $35 setup and $35/month

- Everything included in initial setup above
- Monthly Checkup on Server
- Monthly Tweaking to Optimize and Secure Server
- Install any 3rd Party Software Upon Request
- Troubleshoot any problems that occur
- Constant Security Updates and Patches
- Kernel Upgrades (extra fee)
- External Monitoring (extra fee)

$35 setup and $35/month for cPanel
$35 setup and $35/month for Plesk
$35 setup and $25/month for Gameservers
$35 setup and $45/month for FreeBSD Servers
$35 setup and $45/month for FreeBSD w/ cPanel Servers

To order, please view or for more details about our management services.

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Rob is available for chat on AIM (Rob AcuNett) or MSN ([email protected])

You can contact me on AIM Ronny AcuNett or MSN [email protected]

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