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    Question New Here, Would Like Some Advice Plesase

    Well, i would first like to say hello to everyone, and say this looks like a place i will be spending alot more time in the comming months.

    In the last week, i have managed to get my web site 100% up and running. I offer web design, hosting, promotion (working on a banner exchange nextwork, more promotion will be added soon)

    I dont have any users (for web hosting, however i am working on a couple hot web design leads)

    Right now, i am "reselling" through Resellers, While i like their service, and set up (for the most part) i find only being able to offer 2 plans is very limiting and going to be hard to market (not to mention the "size" of the plans are small 400mb/5gig transfer 600mb/10gig transfer users can add extra features through there cp as need.
    More pros of their service are prices control, 24/7 support for all users 15 min response time and its 100% no touch (for me anyways) they handle everything.

    what i need advice on is this...(and keep in mind my over all goal is to be my own hosting company some day, no reselling, infact have/lease my own servers etc etc...

    Should I
    A. Leave things as they are, and market it and try to grow to where i can buy/lease my own servers

    B. Drop my prices to just above whole sale in the name of getting a user base

    C. Look for a better reseller option (if so, please point me in the right direction)

    D. Other...

    Thanks very much!

    Have a great day Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    IMHO, shotgun7, this is a good opportunity for you to learn how to market your services. The size of these accounts may seem small, but they seem decently-sized for a more local market. Perhaps you can experiment with several marketing methods with them and see what works best for you so you know how to us that knowledge later on when doing your 'real' hosting?

    The money that you earn from this right now will help you fund your way towards a reseller account (always start small first - a server is a hefty fixed cost that you might not want to deal with while your company is still growing). Charge reasonable prices such that you can make enough - not so low that you're seeing only cents per account, and not so high that you can't sell any of them either. Again, this will prove a good learning curve for you when you are ready to go into the 'real' hosting.

    My 2 cents' worth

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    I used to be with but I left about a year ago because of you can only have two plans and it is very limited. The reseller panel doesn't cost you anything, that is what is good about it, but I think you should get a reseller account elsewhere. I have a reseller account from and I am very happy with their prices, service, and support. Their entry level reseller package is 4GB/30GB with WHT and cPanel for only $9.99! You can also get a custom package from them.

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    thanks for the the prices seem good to you?

    Thanks again Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    I do think that reseller plan has advantages but it really depends on who you are marketing them. Only two plans is limiting since many like to test the quality of a host with a basic plan before upgrading to a larger size. Plus, the larger size plans generally have a lot of promos from well known companies that offer more bandwidth than those.

    Finding a reseller provider than gives you good support and quality service are the most important things though. Right now you are establishing your name and if you end up with a company that has a lot of downtime will hurt as bad word of mouth passes on quickly. Plus, finding a stable provider means you won't have to move clients until you are able to set up a dedicated server.

    I started out reselling under the prepackaged plans and found that most people seem to like to be able to find the custom fit so they aren't paying extra for things they aren't using. It took a couple moves to find providers with good uptime and quality service.

    I did learn that the best way to get an idea of the service a company can provide is to check their uptime through a 3rd party service like alerta or websitepulse.

    You might like to try out which is where I finally settled in. They provide notice of planned maintenance and provide uptime stats with a 99.9% guarantee.

    Really it is a matter of your expectations in a provider and what you want to offer. Always remember to consider the price of your time in your price though as with most reseller plans you will be providing the support.

    Best wishes with your business!
    Lil' House
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    shotgun7, Don't even take a look into "Their entry level reseller package is 4GB/30GB with WHT and cPanel for only $9.99".
    I think the price is very expensive for a reseller account. I found actually site similar to yours. They are also resellers. But the price is cheaper: I would be able to find couple more if I spend little extra time. Right?

    If you are providing EXACTLY the same service like they are what is point for user to pay more at the end?

    I think you have to come up with something interesting that the rest of their resellers do not have.

    Good luck in your business.

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