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    design still for sales


    I still got a design for sale. A template, i had some potential clients but never heard from them again.


    sub page:

    I'm asking for 450$ for the design. Unfortunately i don't have time for complete customization as my ending exams are soon coming.

    Best regards,
    Simon Jensen

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    VERY professional, I love it.
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    I remember you posting that as an example in a thread a few weeks ago. It's been a favorite ever since.

    [I'm in the process of learning hosting/reselling/web-design so that templates stuck in my head]

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    nice design, good luck to you!!

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    thanks for the nice comments

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    Finally someone who calls his template a design and don't take the meaning of the word design down

    Nice job, very professional, $450,00 way to less imho. Goodluck with the sale.

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    some elements sound very familiar to me....

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    jesus what in the world are you babbling about ACT,

    keep his thread clean of these rediculous insinuations. Simon's work is very high end and original. This site design should go for far more than $450, buying it for his asking price is a steal

    good luck simon

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    I don't see any resemblance... maybe colors.... Nice work simonjen

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    thanks for the compliments

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    One comment for ACT: just because of the colourscheme i don't see much similaritys so i wouldl sure appreciate if you kept such comments which is absolutely irrelelvant according to the case.

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    I wouldn't say "rediculous insinuations"

    - "99.9% uptime" (uptime.gif) vs "$9.95 per month" (templatemonster version)

    - "we allways provide" (provide.gif) vs $19.95 per month (templatemonster version)

    - "Weekly offer" (index_34.gif) vs Livechat (templatemonster version with a darker background)

    They are EXACTLY the same graphics & the same models, just cropped in the new version (the last one has a darker background in the TM version).

    The Templatemonster copyrights include ALL graphics, so I have just remarked that this template doesn't seem 100% original.
    I agree that it looks professional, but I would definitely remove/redesign those images

    just my opinion

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    ACT, it's true those images are the same models/people, but I think even TemplateMonster may use various different sources of 'royalty-free' pictures of that type. I see many of the same models/people in designs from reputable companies all the time.

    No doubt the TM templates are being ripped left and right, but I don't think it's the case here.

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    Other then colors and a few possible reused 'royalty-free' images, don't see ANY resemblence at all. ACT is blowing smoke. Ignore him.

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    yeah. that's true. and second of all. it's the way i sliced the pieces. i do all work from scratch. i'm no cheater. thanks for your support

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