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    very disapointed in

    is this a fly by night company or what?
    looks like they can not keep their severs up
    and no replies to emails
    so i am on the lookout for a new host who is reliable
    looking for a place that has about 500 megs of space
    decent bandwidth and able to use a php-nuke site

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    recommended course of action

    btw. many unhappy clients today on wht -
    Pro hosting solutions since april 2003.

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    They've been banned at other forums. Nuff said

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    try Host-Quote for a new host
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    You can use any type of search on this forum or in other places (SE, web hosting directories) and you'll be able to find what you want.

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    Well im currently bailing ship from them. I should have done it a long time ago.

    decided on Ive seen the links about the owners history.

    But live chat, instant technical answers. actual independent machines running DNS etc (hosting-pp ns1 & ns2 are aliases for the server you get hosted on!)

    All in all, it cant get worse the hosting-pp.. and considering the automation on signup with ixwebhosting.. so far thoroughly impressed..

    (Nb ive been polling both hosting-pp & ixweb over the last week.. and http performance is telling. (hosting-pp having peaks of 30seconds to complete their hompage! and ix web having ~2seconds..

    but then so is the load figures i have seen on

    Thanks to the people who run this forum. Its good to see a popular and independent site!

    but hopefully i wont need to be back anytime soon..

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    I am taking they have no phone number on the site were you can get in contact with them? Not a good sign.

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    Did some research on the domain. Owner of domain's phone # is +1.4252740657

    Try that.

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    1 month on,

    And im pretty happy.

    Ive noticed a few interruptions ( seemed the apache was flaky etc.) but was resolved quickly. And the speed has been great.

    And then you'll also notice that hosting-pp dropped their forums.
    they couldnt kill peoples posts fast enough.

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