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    Question Is support DC The planet reliable?


    We have been working with The Planet DC since three months.
    In the las month we see that support staff isn't going useful their help.

    When we have a problem, they answer try execute commands how:
    tail -100 /usr/local/....... etc
    Are they thinking we are stupi or what?

    Why don't they access the server to see the problem and try resolve it how they did before?

    Have somebody the same problem with The Planet?

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    no - they are ok for us

    but 1 time they sugested reimage of server due to false-positive chrootkit output -
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    I usually receive responses within minutes when a ticket is submitted when I submit within the waking hours.

    Although I have gotten a few responses like this, they are usually very helpful. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    We have been with ThePlanet since 1999 and they have always provided us with excellent support.

    You need to understand that unless you have a 100% managed server from them they expect you to manage the server and fix the problems yourself. There is many other DC's out there where the tech would have just told you on your own and not even offered some commands to try.

    All in all since 1999 ThePlanet has helped us out many times with all sorts of support issues from doing very fast reboots to hooking up a crash card and booting from a older kernel or changing a config file.

    A tip for anyone that has a server with TP/SM is whenever you need any sort of support first always login to orbits and create a detailed ticket and then submit and wait a few mins and give them a call with the ticket number in hand of your request. This will allow them to get you up and running very fast without any hassles. If you just call them without first submitting a ticket its going to take you alot longer since they need to verify who you are and then decipher your request over the phone.


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    Yup, in most certainty it depends on the managed plan you are on. If you have the one which provides several hours of server administration on their end, they could provide you with the troubleshooting. Otherwise it would be like any other web host where the server administration (software end) would be something within your responsibility. At least they offer to help in accordance to the extend of your managed plan. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I have been waiting 24 hours for a OS reload, and they think it MIGHT be done tonight. 48 Hours is unacceptable.

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    Are you dreaming?

    Support guy told us:

    Due to the high number volume of reloads due to some of the exploits out now, we can't guarantee a time frame

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