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    Flash Tutorials

    If you use flash tutorials as part of your knowledgebase/faq/etc, have you found it's given you an edge with customers? Do your current customers use them regularly?

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    Yes. Most clients love the flash tutorials. However, if you have an "intermediate" client base, meaning they have a fair understanding as to how to run their site, they often times would rather be able to search/read for quick answers than watch a long drawn on demonstration on how to do something that is fairly simple once you "know how". This is our experience at least.

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    yes my clients like the flash demos so much since it save them hassle trying to reach the busy phone line
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    We use the Flash Demo's from

    The demos are very high quality, run smoothly, and our customers find them helpful.

    Thank you.
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    Flash tutorials really do work - but as mj4589 said, it depends on your user base. If all of your clients are computer savvy, and know a lot about hosting and control panels - well then, it may not be such a good idea investing in the flash tutorials if no one is going to use them. However, if all of your clients are totally newbies - then it certainly is worth investing into.

    I know some companies who have purchased them, the majority were extremely happy - however there was the odd who weren't happy because either their clients didn't want to use them and couldn't be bothered to wait through a long flash tutorial or because their clients were clever enough not to need them.
    However, as mj4589 and I say, if your clients are clever enough to know how to do it already, then there is no point in investing in them.

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