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    VB.NET Programmer please come in


    I wish to ask a question,

    When I tried to create a WebClient Object referenced by variable oWebClient, I do this right?

    Dim oWebClient As New WebClient()

    How come, when I tried to type that out, it has a line under WebClient. does that mean that I have a missing class in my VB.NET problem? or My computer doesn't support WebClient thats why this class doesn't exist on my computer?

    need some help here! Please


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    Well by your statement, the syntax is write,

    so with that said, it leads me to think that you haven't referenced the webClient object in your project. If you move your mouse over the above error statement with an underline, and it says that it isn't declared or a some sort of unknow reference error, that is what it is. if you have included the object into your project, make sure there is no errors in the object itself?


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    You need to place this line at the top your class:

    Imports System.Net

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