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    Ping Speeds

    I'm in need of another server, and have always found Fastserver sto be great, but their setup fees are somewhat large. So i've been looking at Servermatrix. However, i'm not sure if its me, but Servermatrix seems to be pretty slow. I tried pinging servermatrix and I get around 120ms whereas with Fastservers i get around 50ms. This is probably because i'm on the westcoast and so is So I was wondering if there are any websites that allow you to see how fast websites would be from other places? I'd like to know how people from the westcoast ping to servermatrix compared to people from the eastcoast.

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    Nectartech is located in SJC, you should get good ping from them.

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    131 is an excellent list of looking glasses around the world.

    HE's looking glass is located at - you can use it to see traceroutes from all their routers - New York, Chicacgo, PAIX, London, etc.
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