I've decided that I'm going to use ZoneEdit.com for all dns on several of my sites.

What I've done so far is:

1. Setup the account in WHM.
2. Setup the zone at ZoneEdit.
3. Set the nameservers with registrar to those assigned by ZoneEdit.
4. Setup an A record for the domain (with and without the www).

What's causing me a little confusion is what I need to setup to get mail and ftp working for the domain.

Do I effectively set them up with ZoneEdit the same as they were with WHM? (that would be a cname for mail and ftp). Then, do I delete any of these in WHM or just leave them alone? My guess is leave them as they shouldn't be used because the ZoneEdit nameservers will be queried.

Is there anything else I might be missing here?

Many thanks in advance for your time.