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    how to login to cpanel using forms.

    their was a topic on this along time ago but it used a redirect to username:[email protected]:2082. Well i found a way that will log you in without doing that, i know it works on the new versions of cpanel, but im not sure about the older ones.
    Here is the code:

    PHP Code:
    "";// url to your website 
    $port "";// port to login at (2082 or 2083)
    echo" <br><br><form action=$site:$port/login/ method=POST><br> Username: <input type=text name=user size=16> Password: <input type=password name=pass size=16> <input type=submit value=\"Login\">.</form></center></body></html>";

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    Hey, that's a pretty useful piece of code, thanks for sharing.

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    That code is from the cPanel login form that appears if your browser doesn't support HTTP Authentication, or if you click cancel on the popup box.

    I don't know if it works on old versions as they only put that form in on the newer ones, so I don't know if the old versions use the same variable names or what (probably not, or they would have had a form on the older ones), but it's worth a shot. :: coming soon

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