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    Guy tries to SCAM ME, DON't Laugh too hard

    At first i took him seriously, then i started to make stuff up

    <SCAMMER> yse?
    <SCAMMER> may i help you?
    <MEE> sup
    <MEE> just wondernig, do you work for rgservers?
    <SCAMMER> no
    <SCAMMER> i won that
    <SCAMMER> own*
    <MEE> oh cool
    <MEE> you colocate servers?
    <SCAMMER> yea
    <SCAMMER> i colocate with many places
    <MEE> at Schlund?
    <SCAMMER> no
    <SCAMMER> i colocate with vplans
    <SCAMMER> vp lans
    <MEE> website?
    <SCAMMER> (also known as private datacenters)
    <SCAMMER> err the datacenters site?
    <MEE> ohh
    <SCAMMER> they private
    <SCAMMER> lol
    <MEE> that ip before,
    <SCAMMER> they dun got site u gotta go there
    <MEE> its part of schlund
    <SCAMMER> lol
    <SCAMMER> not my ip
    <MEE> oh lol
    <SCAMMER> im kinda big
    <MEE> hmm, what do you mean by private?
    <SCAMMER> well
    <SCAMMER> i dont colocate
    <MEE> i mean, who wouldn't want to have publicity
    <SCAMMER> with big companys
    <SCAMMER> due to fact when u do
    <SCAMMER> big companys 1) overcharge
    <SCAMMER> 2) be gay
    <SCAMMER> 3) over stack
    <SCAMMER> 4) lie
    <SCAMMER> so i use datacenters which dont allow many
    <SCAMMER> colocations on their line
    <SCAMMER> the one in tx im only one on a oc-48 line
    <SCAMMER> plus their lanners
    <MEE> wow awesome deal
    <SCAMMER> and the ones in ny are only 4 colocators
    <SCAMMER> on oc-192
    <MEE> how do you find them?
    <SCAMMER> i travel
    <SCAMMER> go in
    <SCAMMER> talk to owner
    <SCAMMER> and make businness proposals
    <SCAMMER> and contracts
    <MEE> oh cool
    <MEE> you are from NY?
    <MEE> if i may aks
    <MEE> ask
    <SCAMMER> yea
    <SCAMMER> u can see that
    <SCAMMER> 1) on site
    <SCAMMER> 2) on irc
    <SCAMMER> my info is publically displayed
    <MEE> oh, sorry
    <MEE> have you heard of 60 hudson?
    <SCAMMER> no
    <MEE> wow you got some amazing deals
    <MEE> what kind of bandwidth do your colos use? l3?
    <SCAMMER> wat u mean by wat kind of bw?
    <MEE> like tier 1 kind
    <MEE> level3/xo/verio
    <MEE> sprint/att
    <SCAMMER> well
    <SCAMMER> they are mostly with
    <SCAMMER> verizon
    <SCAMMER> and back bone with local phone company
    <MEE> good pings?
    <SCAMMER> yea
    <SCAMMER> always
    <SCAMMER> Hi, May I interest you in webhosting for only 3.95 per month or game servers for cheap?
    <MEE> oh, i have servers too
    <MEE> how do you think i knew how to run screen off the top of my head
    <MEE> i manage some *nix boxes
    <SCAMMER> lol heh
    <MEE> pretty good at sys adminning and security
    <SCAMMER> u do webhosting?
    <MEE> nope, game servers
    <SCAMMER> wait
    <SCAMMER> do u still have a company?
    <MEE> still have?
    <MEE> im just starting off small
    <SCAMMER> ah
    <SCAMMER> you wanna have wbehosting
    <SCAMMER> on ur services?
    <SCAMMER> u can buy resellers webhosting from utrinix
    <SCAMMER> (u get free domain / 2 ips for name servers)
    <SCAMMER> and u can create unlimited webhosting accounts
    <SCAMMER> with whm in seconds
    <SCAMMER> and create accounts with cpanel
    <SCAMMER> cpanel
    <SCAMMER> u can start off with our cheapest resellers package and grow bigger as more webhosting customers come
    <MEE> yah i have heard of cpanel and stuff
    <SCAMMER> (it will help promote your company)
    <SCAMMER> does your company currently have a site?
    <MEE> but really i can manage a whole nix box with just a text editor and ssh
    <MEE> its almost done but,
    <SCAMMER> yea
    <SCAMMER> but customers cant
    <SCAMMER> some people only know
    <SCAMMER> clicking buttons
    <SCAMMER> and entering 1-2 letters
    <SCAMMER> or checking boxes you no
    <SCAMMER> and if u dont have a program like cpanel
    <SCAMMER> it would make u lose customers from webhosting
    <SCAMMER> and you should also have some sort of webhosting on your company
    <SCAMMER> many clans who buy game servers also want webhosting
    <MEE> true
    <SCAMMER> do you use aim?

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    Now on AIM

    It gets even funnier here:

    SCAMMER: hey
    MEE: hi
    SCAMMER: talk here i hate ir
    SCAMMER: c
    MEE: yah me too
    SCAMMER: madd gay so annoying
    SCAMMER: no blink when ppl go lols
    SCAMMER: ok lets talk about
    SCAMMER: the resellers k?
    MEE: ok
    SCAMMER: help promote
    SCAMMER: your company
    SCAMMER: you know when u start a company
    SCAMMER: you currently have a website
    SCAMMER: u gotta pay for webhosting correct?
    MEE: ya
    MEE: no
    MEE: kind of
    MEE: i host it lol
    SCAMMER: lol from?

    MEE: my colo'ed servers
    SCAMMER: o heh
    SCAMMER: well
    MEE: lookup the dns on that ip
    MEE: then reverse it back
    SCAMMER: yea


    SCAMMER: ns2*
    MEE: that is my name server
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: zoneedit does name servers
    SCAMMER: yea
    SCAMMER: i know that
    SCAMMER: but look at this ok?
    SCAMMER: - 5 gb Webspace
    - 50 gig Bandwith
    - Unlimited POP3
    - Unlimited Fowarding Accounts
    - Unlimited Auto Responder
    - Unlimited Email Filtering
    - Unlimited MySQL
    - Unlimited FTP Accounts
    - Unlimited Addon Domains
    - 24/7 Tech Support
    - cPanel Access
    - Online File Manager
    - 24 Hours Or Less Setup
    - Full WHM Resellers Access
    - Create Unlimited Accounts
    - Create Add Edit Accounts In Seconds
    - 2 Dedicated IPS
    - Free Domain (.com .net .org of your choice)
    SCAMMER: thats resellers program
    SCAMMER: 1 of package
    SCAMMER: and it is 39.95 per month , with that package you can create ur own website
    SCAMMER: and even
    SCAMMER: host people
    SCAMMER: charge people money at ur price
    SCAMMER: like lets say u got 4gb so u do: 350 mb = 5 per month
    SCAMMER: 350mb*
    SCAMMER: 350mb / 5000mb
    SCAMMER: is
    SCAMMER: 7
    SCAMMER: so u host 7 of them
    SCAMMER: you get 35 back
    SCAMMER: plus ur own site
    SCAMMER: so your paying for:
    SCAMMER: and ur own site
    SCAMMER: plus having webhosting customers
    SCAMMER: and being able to make money if u chargee a bit more on packages
    SCAMMER: and you wont really have to do anything except click buttons
    SCAMMER: create webhosting
    SCAMMER: if there are any problems
    SCAMMER: cpanel always fixes for u
    MEE: lol
    SCAMMER: and any new person to the webhosting thing
    MEE: what happens if one clients uses all my bandwidth
    SCAMMER: can click a few buttons
    SCAMMER: well
    SCAMMER: they cant
    SCAMMER: u limit it
    SCAMMER: with cpanel
    SCAMMER: like lets say u do
    SCAMMER: 350mb / 2gb bandwith
    SCAMMER: after 2gb bandwith
    SCAMMER: it will say to the client
    SCAMMER: you have exceeded bandwith limit
    SCAMMER: please contact server admin to reinstate account
    SCAMMER: then u charge them again lol
    SCAMMER: for bandwith
    SCAMMER: and u can do it at ur price once again
    MEE: lol
    SCAMMER: so ud get more money once again
    SCAMMER: see where im going?
    MEE: ya
    SCAMMER: do you wanna do that?
    SCAMMER: it will make ur company look
    SCAMMER: dependable
    SCAMMER: great for clans
    SCAMMER: and many more
    SCAMMER: if you was a clan would you want a comapny that does
    SCAMMER: game servers
    SCAMMER: ventrilo
    SCAMMER: webhosting
    SCAMMER: and shoutcast
    SCAMMER: or a company that only does
    SCAMMER: gameservers?
    MEE: shoutcast lol
    MEE: that is totally different
    SCAMMER: lol some clans
    SCAMMER: use shoutcast
    SCAMMER: for isntance
    SCAMMER: all clans that buy from me
    SCAMMER: buy shoutcast
    SCAMMER: do you know why?
    SCAMMER: some people enjoy having all clan members
    SCAMMER: broadcasting their scrims
    SCAMMER: live
    SCAMMER: via net radio
    SCAMMER: to allies / clan alliances
    MEE: lol!
    SCAMMER: i got like 5 clans
    SCAMMER: who do that
    MEE: oh cool
    MEE: how many clans doy ou have in all just wondering
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: err they not all cs
    SCAMMER: if you talkin bout wc3
    SCAMMER: dod
    SCAMMER: cs
    SCAMMER: and all other games
    SCAMMER: id estimate
    SCAMMER: 100?
    SCAMMER: i got over 400 clients
    MEE: nice :-)
    MEE: same website for cs clans?
    SCAMMER: wat u mean?
    SCAMMER: by same website for cs clans?
    MEE: the one that sells it
    SCAMMER: i sell it heh
    SCAMMER: i have like
    SCAMMER: 20 webhosting servers
    SCAMMER: and around 30 gameserver servers
    MEE: how fast is each box?
    SCAMMER: wat connection?
    SCAMMER: or box statistics/
    MEE: both
    SCAMMER: connections are lowest: oc-48
    SCAMMER: and ALL DEDICATED SERVERS i host with are
    SCAMMER: dual 3.0ghz xeons
    SCAMMER: with 4gb ram
    SCAMMER: dual 100mbit NIC
    SCAMMER: on all cisco 2600 routers
    SCAMMER: all servers are connected to a cisco router
    MEE: test ping?
    SCAMMER: (tx)
    SCAMMER: those are the only public servers i am allowed to give test to
    SCAMMER: cuz all others are very important
    SCAMMER: they hold the customers
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: and to my tos and pp it says idont give those ips otu
    MEE: lol
    MEE: that is at the planet
    SCAMMER: yea
    SCAMMER: i knwo
    SCAMMER: i colocate with them for my
    SCAMMER: main servers
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: but they are big ;-)
    SCAMMER: cuz i cant let them die
    MEE: and that means they are gay
    MEE: remember
    SCAMMER: lol they are
    SCAMMER: but remember
    SCAMMER: this is main server
    SCAMMER: all this one does is
    SCAMMER: hold customer profiles
    SCAMMER: and user information
    SCAMMER: and customer records
    SCAMMER: it doesnt hsot nothing
    SCAMMER: this server is basically ssh lol

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    MEE: oh okay
    SCAMMER: not for hosting
    MEE: but if i can't ping a server that i will be put on
    MEE: then what is the point?
    SCAMMER: well
    SCAMMER: all servers go around
    SCAMMER: to the tx
    SCAMMER: no matter
    SCAMMER: but if u doing resellers
    SCAMMER: ping wont be a case
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: resellers webhosting
    SCAMMER: is not a game server
    SCAMMER: there is NO PING really for webhosting
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: only time u might have problems
    SCAMMER: with webhosting is if
    SCAMMER: you are on other side of world
    MEE: okay, can i have a test file dl link?
    SCAMMER: but i got 2 servers in europe lol
    SCAMMER: on what?
    SCAMMER: on site?
    MEE: so i can see how fast the web content will be delivered!
    SCAMMER: 1 sec
    SCAMMER: o yea
    SCAMMER: you do no
    SCAMMER: all servers by pass
    SCAMMER: theplanet right?
    SCAMMER: its for logging heh
    SCAMMER: (all servers bypass main server)
    SCAMMER: so you will see the main server there
    SCAMMER: cuz we do ifcc
    SCAMMER: we follow all ifcc laws
    SCAMMER: so we are REQUIRED to have it bypass theplanet(main server) so we can keep a record of what is done
    MEE: oh
    MEE: true
    SCAMMER: so no matter if i give u a dload link
    SCAMMER: u can tracert
    SCAMMER: it
    SCAMMER: ud still see theplanet
    SCAMMER: no matter wat server
    SCAMMER: cuz no matter wat all servers are linked to the main lol
    SCAMMER: thats y i call it MAIN
    SCAMMER: nothing that is distributed to net is gonna skip that server
    MEE: oh cool
    SCAMMER: it helped me alot
    SCAMMER: it helped me win 3 lawsuits
    SCAMMER: and catch 4 hackers
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: they tried hacking a ny server
    SCAMMER: they didnt no all servers bypass main
    SCAMMER: whcih i got 32 techstaff
    SCAMMER: that cheks it every minute
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: nice
    SCAMMER: so i caught them
    MEE: 32 tech staff
    SCAMMER: instantly
    SCAMMER: yea
    MEE: i just use a script
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: we give instant live answers
    SCAMMER: in our support center
    MEE: you should consider using a script instead of 32 techs
    MEE: oh, thats why
    SCAMMER: we have scripts
    SCAMMER: we use suport center
    SCAMMER: but we prffer not to use scripts
    SCAMMER: due to we run things
    SCAMMER: differently
    SCAMMER: we created our own rpms
    SCAMMER: and many other stuff
    SCAMMER: we got like 90 cron jobs on each server
    MEE: wow you guys are really big
    SCAMMER: kinda
    SCAMMER: not big enuff yet
    SCAMMER: well anyways
    SCAMMER: back to subject
    SCAMMER: are u interested in doing the resellers/
    SCAMMER: if u are i can give u a discount
    SCAMMER: order today get 1 month free
    SCAMMER: so basically : pay for 1 month , get 2 months
    MEE: okay, i have to consult this with my lawyers
    MEE: ill get back to you tomorrow okay?
    SCAMMER: lawyers?
    MEE: yes, got to make sure everything is in order
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: wat is in order
    SCAMMER: ?
    MEE: you mean you started a company without lawyers?
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: its for protection of both parties
    SCAMMER: i didnt need to
    SCAMMER: i have lawyers now
    SCAMMER: but i dont really need it
    SCAMMER: i never really used them heh
    SCAMMER: not even on lawsuits
    SCAMMER: i jus follow ifcc and ifcc protected me
    MEE: ya
    SCAMMER: as long as u do things legally u wont really need lawyers
    MEE: they will just write up contract and SLA's
    SCAMMER: if u steal info then go tet a lawyer
    MEE: well my dad's company has a whole team of 15 lawers
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: so i just use them once in a while
    MEE: they can do anything
    MEE: its pretty funny
    SCAMMER: i dun even need them
    SCAMMER: heh
    SCAMMER: they jus charge u for crap
    SCAMMER: i can win them by just telling judge
    SCAMMER: to read my tos
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: or ifcc
    SCAMMER: my tos it self protects me
    MEE: true
    MEE: but my lawyers are basically free
    MEE: and there is a whole in every contract
    SCAMMER: and my nyc dobb protects me
    SCAMMER: also
    MEE: should have seen the last guy that tried to scam me
    MEE: gosh i can't believe that guy
    SCAMMER: lol
    MEE: he got evicted from his house
    MEE: everything
    SCAMMER: im a verified dobb
    MEE: lawyers are awesome
    SCAMMER: heh
    SCAMMER: any ways
    SCAMMER: u should really try our resellers
    SCAMMER: im sure u would love it
    SCAMMER: i have many resellers
    SCAMMER: on my service
    MEE: yah, i would love to
    MEE: ill consult with lawyers today and get back to you tomorrow
    MEE: going to bed now, good ngiht
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: wait
    SCAMMER: i got a question
    SCAMMER: u ordering resellers webhosting
    SCAMMER: have to consult with lawyer?

    SCAMMER: thats a first lol
    SCAMMER: first time i heard it
    SCAMMER: heh u gonna ask lawyers if u should buy?
    MEE: ya
    MEE: its free why not
    SCAMMER: lol
    SCAMMER: thats kinda retarded
    SCAMMER: waste of time lols
    SCAMMER: well any ways
    SCAMMER: i have given u my
    SCAMMER: offer
    SCAMMER: and discount
    SCAMMER: please cconsider it
    MEE: thanks
    MEE: talk to you tomorrow kind sir!
    SCAMMER: np
    SCAMMER: have a good nite
    MEE: you too

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    Funniest Ever

    This is the lamest thing i have EVER heard:

    SCAMMER: all servers by pass
    SCAMMER: theplanet right?
    SCAMMER: its for logging heh
    SCAMMER: (all servers bypass main server)
    SCAMMER: so you will see the main server there
    SCAMMER: cuz we do ifcc
    SCAMMER: we follow all ifcc laws
    SCAMMER: so we are REQUIRED to have it bypass theplanet(main server) so we can keep a record of what is done

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    Oh dear, lol

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    so much to read

    funny stuff

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    Nothing like calling a potential client retarded, and then asking him if he is going to consider it...
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    The funny thing is, you know damn well this isn't the first time he has done this. His pathetic *** sits there and does it everyday. I wish I could sterilize morons.

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    Originally posted by bow-viper1
    The funny thing is, you know damn well this isn't the first time he has done this. His pathetic *** sits there and does it everyday. I wish I could sterilize morons.
    Why bother sterilizing him? If he talks like that and sits there everyday, I don't think he'll be reproducing any time soon..
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    haha priceless

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    <SCAMMER> i dont colocate with big companys due to fact when u do big companys be gay
    :ROFL: That just made my night

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    Haha, he's got exceptional english skills...
    -Robert Norton

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    I'm failing to see the amusement in's just boring. You see that same crap day in and day out. Nothing unique about that conversation.

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    he'll get great pings when his servers from europe (in the private datacenter) come in and bypass the MAIN server (hes codenamed it the MAIN server because it is his main server) in TX before going back out.

    *o ya and that small private datacenter has a full OC48 with verizon.

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    Let's take bets on how old this kid is. I'll say 14
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    32 techs watch the main server every minute
    "like 90 cronjobs lol"
    "kinda big"

    had good laugh at it
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    hilarious conversation!

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    I couldn't read the whole thing... seems very childish to me.

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    I'm guessing he's.... 13 or 14

    Getting tired of kiddy hosts ;(

    I found it pretty funny how he has "like 90 cronjobs" and "32 techs" and how he didn't know what tier 1 meant

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    thanks for hurting my eyes. I feel like I've regressed several years in english.
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    lol. Shocking and funny at the same time

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    I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this scamming stuff and I want them back!

    Oh well, I would of probably wasted them anyways.
    Kerry Jones

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    that guy really has no clue
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