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    Dual Pentium 3/1GHZ - 4 GB ECC memory - 109 GB SCSI

    We have the following server, available. First come first serve basis.

    Supermicro 6011H server, not your ordinary desktop-turned-into-server junkie. Ever wonder why we have plenty of satisfied customers? Because we use only the best!

    - Dual P3/1 GHz, SuperSet chipset for reliable and high performance server.
    - 4 GB of ECC memory. As the wise-men once said, memory is more important than the CPU itself!
    - 73 GB SCSI + 36 GB SCSI. All are 10000 rpms drives.
    - 500 GB of high quality Internap bandwidth, fully burstable to 100 Mbps.
    - 100% network uptime guarantee
    - access to our remote reboot device (1 port). Reboot your server anywhere in the world from a browser.
    - /29 block of IPs (5 useable IPs).
    - $95 setup, $495/month. ($695/month with 800 GB of transfer!)

    This server is very ideal for those who are looking for high performance and highly reliable server. It has served as one of our strongest web server without any problem whatsoever. It's now looking for a new user that expects nothing but performance and reliability from it!

    We are located inside Internap's datacenter in Boston, MA. Through Internap, we are OnNet to seven major tier one providers: UUNet, Sprint, Verio, ATT, Genuity/Level3, Cable and Wireless, and Global Crossing. Internap is well known for its quality and reliability as it is evidence through its clients list such as NasDaq, Travelocity, American Airlines, McAffee, and et cetera. Not only will your transfer be routed through the "closest" network via BGP4 protocol, but through Internap's intelligent routing, your traffic will always be routed through the least congested network with the least packet losses. For more information about Internap's facility in Boston, MA, please visit For more information about Internap's advance intelligent routing, please visit and
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