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    Exclamation Professional Web Designers Please Read!! Need help!

    Can anyone please help me out? I am a high school student doing a research report on the career of web designing. I had the option of choosing a career or researching a piece of literature. I thought it would be more helpful for me to do web design because I want to enter this field as a career.

    If anyone is a web designer for a company or free-lancer, could you please answer a couple questions? I need a transcript, but I want to get some people from the online community because I don't know many people or companies who would be willing to do an interview. If you don't feel comfortable answering these questions I will understand or if possible can you email me, hrudomin @

    1) What's your name?
    2) Where did you go to school?
    3) What type of Web Design do you do? (Ex. Graphics, back end coding, etc.)
    4) What company do you work for? (if applicable)
    5) What was your starting salary?
    6) What is your salary now?
    7) What interested you in the field of web design?
    8) When did you start to do web designing?
    9) How many years have you been web designing?
    10) How many personal sites do you have?
    11) How many business sites do you manage?
    12) Have you won any awards?
    13) If yes to the above, how many and what are they?
    14) In your opinion what is the most important type of coding to learn besides database? (Ex. PHP, HTML, ASP, etc.)

    If you can think of any more questions that might be of any help please feel free to add them. If you do respond it would be greatly appriciated.

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    Question 3 Relates to Development, but I will answer these for you


    1. Paul B. Riddick
    2. Conyers Secondry School
    3. Graphics and webpage development, including html and CSS
    4. ProjectModules
    5. Contracted pay per project
    6. Same, the company has only been recently opened
    7. I started off with graphic design, on a graphcis community to stay out of trouble. Meng, from shadowness was one of the members there and his work inspired me, like everything, if I think it's cool and cannot do it, I want to be able to.
    8. 2001
    9. 3 years
    10. None at the moment
    11. 2, soon to be a 3rd.
    12. Not big awards, just in community awards
    13. 2, for dramatic improvement within my own skills
    14. CSS. I believe this is a very strong advantage to have in website design and development.

    I hope these are alright, good luck.

    Paul B. Riddick
    Web hosting done right
    ██ Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting
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