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    Poison what do u think?

    Hey guys if i were to sell how much should i sell it for? what do u think the price should be im clueless on selling domains. lol. a little help here.

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    I can tell my friend as it stands it worth $30 and less..

    Marketability? 1/10
    extension? 8/10
    length? 5/10
    how easy to remember? cause its a .net 5/10

    however develop a successful site... all this would change.

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    cool.. whats marketability and extension?

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    Marketability usually refers to how broad of a market the name might appeal to.

    The extension is the dot-whatever at the end of the name: dotcoms are typically worth more than dotnets, dotyouesses and all the rest of the newdots.
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    ah okay thanks auctionsuite..

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