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    Look For Support Tech Position

    Hello WHT People,
    My name is Steven, I am searching for a position in support tech or server admin. I saw your ad on WHT and I wish to reply to it.
    My skills are in the following
    PHP, Mysql
    Whois.Cart (Troubles, Errors, Problems)
    FTP/DNS (Uploading,CHModing,NS'S,Domain Reg.,Domain Transfer,etc)
    Linux and Unix(Shell access (SSH and Telnet),User and group quota problems,File permissions and ownership (chmod and chown),File/directory locations,Common commands and tools,Restarting Services ,Fixing/Repairing Services,Kernal Updating,Updates,Sercurity Patches,All Linux distributions (RedHat, Debian etc), FreeBSD, OpenBSD and most common Unix platforms)
    Microsoft FrontPage(Page Making,Uploading,Installing,Problems,Errors)
    Email(Most of the basic stuff sending,reciveing,main servers,pop3 servers)
    Security and Passwords(Changing,Updating,Fixing)
    eCommerce(Billing,Most Billing Systems,Errors,Marketing)
    I live in Canada (East).
    My Internet connection is quite nice 100/mbps
    I am on the computer about 5-6 hours a day (Less Or More Depending On What Day It Is)

    Contact Info
    MSN: [email protected]
    Y: cryogen_chamber
    AIM: cryogentic1
    Email: [email protected]
    Please Reply here or PM me or contact be by thw ways stated above.

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    Do you have any references?

    Brendan Diaz

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    Yes I do have a few companies that will refer me.

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