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    Question Prefered Tax Preperation

    Hello all, I知 new here. I知 specialized in Accounting/Financing. I run my own Tax Preparation company and Book keeping company (This is not meant for advertisment...just giving a little background information about my self). I知 41 years of age and I知 married and have 2 kids.

    Anyways, to the point of the thread. I was wondering who you use to prepare your taxes or complete your taxes every year. Most people, other than me use H&R Block.

    However, I知 curious on knowing what people online around the world use.

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    We use a local accountant.
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    We used H&R Block last year and didn't have any problems. The fees weren't too horrible and we were overall satisfied.

    This year we used Jackson Hewitt and it was a NIGHTMARE! We only used them because my boyfriend did a ton of work for them on their computer systems and they gave us a discount, but it was not worth it! They have fees for everything.

    I think I am going to take a class on it and do it myself from now on. Only thing is the rapid refund rules if they will give it to you. We got back over $2600 this year and it was sooo cool going up to the ATM and getting all that money out. $2600 in 20 dollar bills!!
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    Originally posted by MightyQ
    We use a local accountant.
    Same here, the guy I used was the accountant for a company I worked for long ago (my wife worked there after I left, until the company went tits up last year around July).

    He's pretty good (I guess? I wouldn't know if he were bad so I guess I'm just 'assuming').
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    Local accountant here too. Same one my father used when he was doing his self-employment stint. Little pricy, but knowing he's there for whatever is nice.
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    I do all our taxes - have been since I was 17.

    I'm only a handful of credits short on a degree in accounting.

    I've never been audited, never had any errors in any of my taxes.

    The last couple years, I've been using TurboTax on the Web. Saves me time, and got everything done and submited within 30 minutes of starting (I was totally repaired with everything before I sat down and did it).

    No rapid refund though.. but that's ok... I had my refund within 10 days. $6300 (and it was gone in less than a month of getting it! lol).

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