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    very very cheap banner advertising, starting at 1 dollar!

    Hi guys.

    My site gets over 1500 visitors every day, and yes i am looking for some banner advertisement.

    Here are my proofs:

    If your interested please reply and say so..

    The prices are!

    1 dollar= 1 week
    3 dollars= 1 month
    8 dollars= 6 months
    15 dollars = 1 year
    20 dollars= new window pop up/ monthly.

    Let me tell you about the new window pop up. This is when everytime someone comes to a new window will open and it will be your site.. Limit is once per person. Get em now before its too late.

    Any questions or comments please say so..
    I accept paypal, snail mail, via paypal.
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    3 dollars= 1 month

    will that get over 1000 views a day ?
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    Great deal.
    Will these be rotating banners? and if so whats the limit?

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    David Hi: umm.. i dont guarantee anything and i doubt that youll get 1000 views in 1 month!

    What i meant was that my site gets over 1500 visitors every day! That doesnt mean your banner will be clicked 1000 times.. Probabaly if your banner is in the rotation youll get about 200 depending on how many people are on the rotation.

    For you:
    Universal Guy: Yes these can be rotating banners, or dedicated.. the limit is 20.

    IM looking for someone who might be interested in the pop up window one, it sounds good. :-p
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    I use them and their great!

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    daylate: what do u use? lol.. the banner rotation script? i dont get you.

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    Please contact me, and i'll try a month banner ad spot, and see what the results are like.

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    i Pmed you.

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    I just sent you a PM!

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    underzen: i just replied to your PM...

    Also people get the new window pop one before its too late and it gets reserved for the up coming months! You wont regret it! Guaranteed 1000 pop ups and views every day!

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    Underzen, i have Pmed you but u havent replied back just wondering if your still interested.. cause other people want to reserve it! Please answer me quickly!

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    anyone else interested?

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