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    Payment options for small web hosting company?

    I am starting my own web hosting business, (a reseller account with and I am mainly using it for personal use and also to give hosting to my friends and family for free - however, I do want to get a few (3 or 4) hosting clients to cover cost and give them EXCELLENT accounts, support, etc, to make sure they stay around.

    There is always the possibility that it would grow and I could use the company for profit, and I don't exactly like having to use PayPal for billing purposes. I was wondering what everyone else thought about a cheap, more professional alternative to PayPal. Any thoughts out there?

    Or instead of an alternative to PayPal, maybe just suggestions on the best ways to take/deal with payment for small hosting companies in general? All discussion welcome! Thanks!

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    This should probably go in the running a hosting business forum

    Anyway, you can check out Paysystems or 2checkout; both have a small setup fee ($49) and will allow you to accept most major credit cards. The transaction fees are a little steep compared to a regular merchant account (~5%/~$.30), but it gives you a place to start.

    Alternatively you could accept mail-in payments.
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    You may want to consider to apply for an IBA merchant account with (

    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks! I'll check out those possibilities. Anything else?

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    It's very unlikely to find but i want to ask
    if there's any merchang accounts without
    setup fee? I found some locally banks here
    to set up free but they have very long procedures
    and not good for small hosting business.
    If you know any reliable let me know.


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    Definitly Choose they are great!

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    Setup Fees: $0 Transaction Fees: 2.9% + $0.30 + 1% Currency Conversion(if applicable).
    A good and popular electronic payment gateway with a lots of useful auction and merchant tools. Limitations are that you need to have a US Bank Account to receive payments directly into your account but you can always ask for Cheque Payment.

    Setup Fees: $49 Transaction Fees: 5.5% + $0.45.
    Highly Recommended. Though it seems to be costly at first instance, still it seems to be the most user-friendly and trustworthy. And most of the webmasters vote this as their favourite electronic payment gateway.

    iKobo Inc
    Setup Fees: $0 Transaction Fees: Variable.
    A cool idea! Accept payments online and withdraw your payments via your Visa Electron Debit card anywhere in the world. This looks as the most comfortable electronic payment gateway. But do check out their transaction charges and debit card withdrawal charges.

    Setup Fees: Rs. 30,000 Transaction Fees: 5%.
    A nice, simple and good payment gateway, if you can afford the setup cost. And if you can afford the initial setup cost of this all Indian electronic payment gateway, this must be your first choice. Apart from low transaction fees, it also has easy withdrawal system which is cheap too (Just Rs.10). Also you can withdraw your money anytime.
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    Originally posted by dangol
    Definitly Choose they are great!
    be VERY careful before you join them. read the fine print. its scary!

    There is a one time only set up fee of $49.00. After that, if you receive no orders, you pay nothing. 2CO receives a 5.5% and $0.45 wholesale discount off the retail price of each total order.

    when will I be paid for my goods and services?
    A new accounting period begins on the 1st and 16th day of each month. At the end of the accounting period, the balance of your 2CO vendor account will be electronically deposited directly into your bank account or disbursed to you by check – your choice. We pay our suppliers as follows:

    Payment for orders placed between the 1st and the 14th of the month will be dispersed on or about the 16th of that month.
    Payment for orders placed between the 14th and within 48 hours of the end of the month will be dispersed on or about the 1st of the following month.

    hck they even charge YOU if someone gives you a bogus or bad chek number that doesnt even clear!!!

    If the check clears the bank, you pay 5.5% and $0.45 per transaction

    If the check does not clear the bank, you do not pay the 5.5% or the $0.45 transaction charge, but you do pay the following fees:

    Non-sufficient Funds - $5

    Bad check (bad account number, account does not match buyers info, etc.) - $5
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