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    Exclamation Onefusion Down for the count?

    Onefusion has been down for the count now for over 36 hours and chances are they will be down for the whole weekend. Of course, there are no responses to trouble tickets and no answer at their call center.

    My customers are outraged and I have no ETA to tell them since OneFusion won't respond.

    Avoid this horrific company at all costs. They'll ruin you.

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    Time to move on to a more reliable host.
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    Same outages here. I think they may have tanked. Seems like they either were bought out by people that are clueless, or they fired all their admin staff.

    I'm in the process of moving dns on all sites and initiating a chargeback for my most recent payment. Little solice considering all the pissed off customers I'm trying to soothe.

    Good luck to any sucker that actually sticks with this loser outfit.

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    Originally posted by sparklingsky

    Good luck to any sucker that actually sticks with this loser outfit.
    I really wonder what happened to them... I was with them for almost 2 yrs and things seemed to be picking up. I even upgraded from one plan to another plan, to another. Just short of getting their dedicated servers. But in the past 3-4 months, things got worse and worse.

    I've crossed post this but during the bad downtime of 2 days, i immediately moved out. It is a HUGE relief, with my new providers, that things are smooth again.

    If you are still searching for a company, i'd like to recommend my new providers. PM me. These guys have been inside my onefusion account so they know the fastest way to move your accounts out.

    My problem now is that I have domains with onefusion's fusionserve registrar service. Now I can't get into that and i have many domains there. Sigh....

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    Don't they use OpenSRS for domains?

    If so, you should be able to login here:

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