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    Cheapest VDS/VPS available with true root access

    My main concern here is price.

    I signed up with westhost for their value package yesterday, but their VPS really isn't. Their "root" access let's you install but you don't truly have root. Plus they don't have a normal shell login that I can change shells or even simple commands I'm used to like man. It's already bugging me.

    What I want is true root access VPS that costs no more than $20 a month (I'd prefer $15). My other needs are pretty modest: I need about 500MB or disk space, and about 5-10GB of bandwidth. Other requirements are Linux, PHP, mySQL w/ 5-10 databases, and if possible dedicated IP.

    I'm probably hoping for too much here, but I thought I would ask before I decide to go up to a real VPS package of $40/month or stick with westhost.


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    Most real VPS start at $40 ish, you might want to try when they start accepting orders again. There are a few other budget VPS ones out there, but I think you can not anything for $20.

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    They both have plans in the $20 range that provide true root access since they use UML.

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    I guess you would have to increase your budget...
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    You could also try - don't know how good they are though. I'm likely giving them a try sometime within the next couple of days.
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    Try Adiungo, PowerVPS, Globalservers, Tektonic, Rackforce. I only have experience with Adiungo but I've heard good things about the others. Do a search on their names.

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