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    Managed Host

    Who are the recommended providers, that offer managed dedicated servers? I am looking for a provider who will manage all aspects of security and administration.


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    Have a look at - expensive, but exactly what you're looking for .

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    Stellar support and a rock solid network...

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    Good day,
    We have some members here who offer fully managed servers:
    SprintServe -
    Rack911 -

    Hope that helps.
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    9 - Server Management and much more. Check out the site and have your Management under wraps.

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    You don’t necessarily need to go with a “fully managed” provider, instead you can rent an unmanaged server, which is cheaper, and get a server administrator to run your server.

    Otherwise, depending on your price range, I could probably give you a nice list of a few people to take a look at for fully managed servers.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Originally posted by X F e L i X
    You don’t necessarily need to go with a “fully managed” provider, instead you can rent an unmanaged server, which is cheaper, and get a server administrator to run your server.
    By the time you get done paying for an Admin and an unmanaged server, a managed server at ServInt would be less expensive. A decent P4 with a gig of RAM and RAID would cost you $189.00 at EV1. Add another $50-$200 for server management and you're well over the $199.00 you would have to pay at ServInt for the same thing.

    There is most certainly a place for good, qualified Sys Admins and for many people it pays to use them. The problem is that the good ones are not cheap. Also, no matter how good they are you are still adding another step between you and the Datacenter. For us there is no substitution for knowing that when I pick up the phone to have some work done on a server, I am talking to the guy that can walk over and put his hand on the box we want to work on.

    Like anything though, the real trick is finding what works best for you and your company...

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    I have a server at ServInt and although the server is supposed to be fully-managed, but somehow I guess I didn't actually make full use of ServInt's service. But in case you aren't aware, ServInt does handles patches and anything that are within their agenda list of supported softwares, and that includes the kernel, and the modules etc but most of the time these are like upon request.

    Put it this way, when you know that something need to be done regardless of patches or fixes, and you aren't equipped with the experience of handling it, simply drop Servint support a note and voila, they will look into it. Receiving their replies shouldn't be much problem within 10-15 min.

    For my case, I decided to leave the server admin worry out of my head so I actually engage SprintServe to manage my server in fact. At first I was very skeptical over the type of service SprintServe is providing, but somehow it works out quite comfortably for me. I need not have to worry about everything from top to bottom. Basically my job is to add client domains to my server and that's it. Whether the server is spammed or having any issue, I mostly received 1st hand notice from SprintServe, normally before ServInt, though I must also agree that ServInt don't actually email you in case your server is being compromised or so.. so you have to know that yourself before you can start requesting for help from the provider.

    To add on, SprintServe also offer to help to liaise all issues directly with ServInt and I believe that he knows the staffs well enough. That means I ended up sitting in front of my pc, just waiting for answer

    Anyway, my experience with the both `S's is very positive and satisfactorily. In case you really need a solution, you could consider them as one of your options.

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    Thumbs up Two cents

    SprintServe and Servint have been doing an excellent job for us for nearly a year.

    No complaints.

    (Just my two cents, if it helps).

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    you will get a good deal from them, and Rob is a real support.

    try them you will love beeing with them.
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