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    Best way to get name out?

    I have just setup as a web host but I'm having problems getting my name out to the world.

    Currently I have a small amount of customers who are very nice, but I need to get more people to know about my company. My eventual hope is that just viral, word of mouth advertising will work, but until then I just need to get some more traffic to my site.

    Currently all I'm doing is posting on forums I visit regually. What else do you suggest?

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    You need to have your site link in your signature
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    word of mouth is very good but you could add your site url to your signature for extra exposure.
    I would also suggest submitting your site to all the free web hosting directories that exist, plus search engines. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    I would concentrate on getting your website completed 1st. No one likes to order on an incomplete site.

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    You should visist WebHostingTalk forums quite often as these forums are widely known by many potential customers. As Toonz said, you need to put a link to your site in your signature, but please make your signature according to the following rules.
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    You need to develop a marketing strategy. Define your target group and then work out a plan how to approach them. What makes you stand out from all the other hosts?

    Also - the design of your page looks nice - but I don't think it really motivates a customer to sign up. It's hard to describe ....
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    UniversalGuy: I'm very aware of that and it will be finished tonight hopefully. Just a few teething problems... but yes, I'll wait until that is ready before getting real promotion.

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    Have you tried advertising in the local press. The local paper can be cheap but it is also not your target market (or is it?). You have to find a compromise on target audience and cost. I know that when first starting, your budget may be tight.

    You could sign up to all the web hosting forums and links pages you can.

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    The only way to get your name out there is advertising or word of mouth.

    You should look around, contact a few local newspapers and magazines - see if you can advertise there. I know that Linux magazines are just bursting full of web hosting ads.

    Advertising can be quite tough, and can require a tad bit of money - however if you do have a substantial capital and the real motivation to do it, you should end much better than what you started off as.

    You really need to decide who your main target will be - online clients, or your local area. Remember, if it is your local area, it can be a bit more expensive because they'll expect to always want to talk to you over the phone or in person - meaning you can charge that bit extra, however when you're aiming at only people online, you must expect to charge less because they'll never see you face to face and a lot of the time you'll never offer phone support, but also a lot of the time online support can be less than efficient.

    You should also use the Search button, I've seen a lot of topics which are identical to this one and which will also be very helpful.

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    Leave a stack of business cards in places you know are busy eg

    Train station
    Council offices
    Local supermarket High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    Step One: First, I would get local and public interests. Place your advertisement in the news paper or print out copies of flyers and put them in shopping centers or on car windows at stores. Local or public is the first place to start.

    Step Two: Second, I would then purchase advertisement slots on websites. Pay around $30 a month on well known and active forums and websites.

    Step Three: Third, I would then hire sales representatives for your website. Start them out on commission and then move them to monthly pay if they are getting you good and reliable clients.

    Hint: I would also purchase a sales support, technical support and customer support staff to give reliable and efficient support for your clients. Support is the best thing a host can provide on of its customers. Without this, no one will come to you. You will find very few customers who will enjoy your services with out good support.

    Good Support would be a support system, ticket support, email support, forum support, messenger support and last but most importantly phone support. If you provide phone support the clients know that you are reliable and will be no be leaving out of the business any time soon.

    I may not be a web host, however I know what clients expect. For, I am a client of a web host.

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    Well said, Ryan!
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    The best way to get your name out is an amazing Super Bowl commercial followed by a continuing television campaign... You asked for the best way, not the most efficient way, right? ;-)

    Always start local then grow as you see necessary. have friends willing to help you out with some things, friends with web sites that you can convince to swtich and then for a reduced rate have them advertise for you, etc.? All sorts of things you can do, different things will work for different people, but always start local, with the resources and connections you already have.
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