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    New egold email scam

    I received the following email today. I don't even have an egold account so I didn't know it was coming to me. The headers show that it didn't even come from, but ( to be precise). After looking at the html it's linking to a fake egold login website (

    <td><p>** e-gold Account Information Update Notice ** <br>
    e-gold account number: Not shown <br>
    Items updated: Account Name/Description <br>
    Update performed from IP address: <br>
    Time of update: 3/20/04 5:25:13 PM GMT <br>
    This automatic email notice lets you know that modifications have been made to the Account Information settings for your e-gold account. The current settings for your account can be viewed and modified at the e-gold website by choosing the Account Info menu selection while accessing your account. <br>
    If you did not authorize this change, please log into your account and review it immediately, using the link below <br>
    <a target="_blank" href="" ><b></b></a></pre>
    Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message. <br>
    <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2">

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    Yea, I got 2 myself...
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