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    118 does it work?

    Just like the topic said..I've been with WebHosting for a while now. But I never really get into Colocation and that stuff.

    I don't really know what it is. Can anyone here explain how does Colocation works?


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    When you "colocate" a server, you're simply sending a server to a datacenter, where it will be plugged in and turned on for you.

    So, you build a machine, ship it to your datacenter (or your provider who has the contract with the DC), and they'll install it for you. Once it's on, it's yours to manage and do whatever with.

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    With colo - the company you send your server to will typically provide power and bandwidth to your server. Beyond that they may offer additional services such as monitoring, management and maintenance but these services normally cost extra.
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    Buy a server, put it in a colo center. Your server is connected to the internet. You can manage your server remotely.

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