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    6 page website needed.

    Budget is small 125.00 paid via paypal.

    Site must include a clean crisp design and easy navigation, we mainly do everything in our forum so the site would never change some where on the site there must be a place that displays current sports scores.


    Please all applicants must have a portfolio,. International applicants welcome.

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    i believe i can do what your asking but unfortunaltely i dont have a portfolio. I can have one up by the end of the day though. There are two sites i am currently working on.

    one allows admin to add matches and news through an online form

    the other allows admin to add articles and news through online form. I have also had extensive work with a message board. Adding numerous features through php

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    I am now just looking for a 3 page site design, That includes a sportsticker with score updates, live odds. Also lookinf for a simple design with spaces that I can add and update articles.


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    I can help you with see some of my work, visit my signature....

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    All mail has been returned. Thank you so far for your interest. Job has yet to be sold.

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    im sure I can perform this project. I can create a form so you can update news through a Mysql database. I can grab recent scores and have them display and if you need something else i can try and do it. If you would like to test my news updater you can email me. [email protected] I can complete the project before payment and can do it for less then 125.

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    email sent

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    I can do your website design job very well and professionally.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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    Email Contact has been made, I am just awaiting email responses from a couple of you. Bidding is still open, and will remain until 1200 MST tonight.

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    now that is has been lowered to 3 pages i believe i can do it for 75-80 dollars

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    Are you still looking for someone to do a website for you?

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    please feel free to check out some example designs you can go with check out the site Im a new member so I cant post true links
    depending on your needs as well as possible traffic your looking at I can do a 3 page site fully managed for free If your signed up thru my partner program which requires hosting I have a special this month 15 GBS $9.95 a month with a full forum. after the initial 5 pages in our partner program its $25 a page.

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