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    * SNDNETWORK - Advertising at affordable rates

    Hello everyone.
    I am the lead admin of Soundvolume, an upcoming music site due to launch very soon. We are currently accepting banner ads for the URL=]forums[/URL] , currently open.

    We suggest you take advantage of the below rates for forum banner advertisement now, because when the site launches the rates will be higher.

    Hit Single - $25.00 US
    One (1) banner ad in the rotating banner ad at the top of the forums.

    Platinum Album - $50.00 US
    Up to three (3) banners ads in the rotating banner ad at the top of the forums, plus link up at SNDLINKS.


    Check the advertising page.
    Please EMAIL us, do not use the form

    Please email [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

    Soundvolume | Soundrave | More

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    Thats a really nice forum design... who did it ?

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