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    Am I correct on an assumption?


    Am I correct on an assumption that in order for anyone to take away something from you (i.e. steal it or take it without permission), you had to have it first?

    Meaning, if I never had it, some one cannot take it away.


    Thank you.

    --- Peter

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    That would be correct in the general sense of the word. But maybe you can give us a reason for your question?

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    Originally posted by anon-e-mouse
    That would be correct in the general sense of the word. But maybe you can give us a reason for your question?
    I'm with anon-e-mouse, hard to say unless you give us the FULL story. Then Possession is 9/10 the law.. Or is it

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    You wouldn't need to be in physical possession of it first; if that's your question.

    I'm not a lawyer. But, I did drive past a Holiday Inn Express yesterday.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    I thought as much that if you never had something, whatever the something was, it could not be taken from you.

    I'm dense sometimes, so I don't know if some one is trying to pull one over on me when they rave on and on about how some one is stealing something.

    And yet what they claim was stolen never belonged to the party they claim was harmed by theft.

    House Minority Leader Richard Gephart stated publicly that President George Bush and other members of the Senate and the House are trying to take away the rights of homosexuals to marry.

    Yet, as far as I know they have had no such rights in the past. If they didnít have the right, how can the right be stolen from them?

    Thank you.

    --- Peter

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    That's a nice round about way of showing your prejudice Peter.

    What homosexuals are claiming is that they as Americans have the right to get married, just like all Americans.

    They have that right and the religious right wing would like to prevent them from exercising it.

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    I failed to see prejudice from Peter, although I can see both points of views.

    They cannot have the right taken away if they never had it, although "free will" which Americans claim to give, then they should have the same rights to marry as a straight couple.

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    If I still my neighbors car and my other neighbor steals it from me, he didn't steal it from me.. did he?

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    Marriage is an institution, a sacred covenant between a man and a woman.

    If homosexuals never had the legal right to marry, you cannot TAKE AWAY the right they never had in the first place.

    My question was dealing with politicians telling lies because you cannot steal something that never belonged to a given party.

    Thank you.

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    Free will that America claims to give?

    Do we give rights so that it is right to murder, to steal, to maim, etc?

    Rights are not given away left or right.

    The question came about in that homosexuals never had the legal right to marry.

    Then you have House Minority Leader Richard Gephart stating that people are trying to steal a right that never existed.

    Thank you.

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