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    Lend Me Your Ad Rates!

    Friends, Webbies, WHT'ERS!
    Lend me your ad rates.

    I'm looking for adforable ad rates for banners and possible text links. Impressions and monthly rates only please.

    Also I am looking for advertising on media / entertainment / forums / boards. Etc. (I.E. A site that the visitors would most likely buy hosting)

    thank you. Email them to [email protected] or post them here

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    Fantastic advertising opportunities on large network
    Advertising on our network of sites:

    Total traffic is 60,000 Unique visitors / month!

    Control panel demo: Username: demo password: demo

    What we offer:

    468*60 Banner advertisement.
    0.75CPM: Subsribe, Order

    Site-Wide Text link on one of our PR6 sites of your choice.,,
    15 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    Site-Wide Text link on our 4 PR6 sites. (Save 30!),,
    40 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon
    LNXPS - C# XPS Library

    The Sun Bingo -

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    Please consider an advertising campaign from (

    Unlike other traffic programs, we deliver traffic thru expired domains, and garuntee the ammount of visitors you pay for. We don't use pop-ups or small banner ads visitors go directly too you site.

    More information is available on our site

    If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]


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    You can view my advertising rates via:

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    youve seen my thread, you can buy from me

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    Text link on computing & gaming website:
    Adventures in - Are you a parent? Listen to the free podcast and sign up for the newsletter!

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    Advertise on a Web Based MMORPG. for more information.


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    ahh bottom of the list.....
    Top page text ads $9/7 days or $30/30 days
    Your ad seen on the top of the page as well as included with some of our business templates.
    type in WHT as the passcode for the discounted pricing.


    Side page partner text ads
    4 word title
    60 character text ad
    optional 300 word clickable-pop-up review.

    Payable by PayPal




    WHT Special:

    5,000 targeted visitors for $15.00
    10,000 targeted visitors for $30.00

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