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    PHP Webmail

    Hi All,

    I have been looking for a PHP IMAP Webmail solution for ages now, and have not yet come across one that i like. So far i have tried the following:

    Squirrelmail - Too Bland (free skin is rubbish).
    IMP - Too much of a pain to install. Didin't like the UI.
    HiveMail - No good for large sites (High CPU Usage).
    SocketMail - Lots of Bugs. Nasty UI.
    UebiMiou - Could not get it working. Basic IMAP Support.
    @Mail - Way to expensive. Perl Based.

    If you know of any that i have missed that are PHP based, have IMAP support, look sweet, and have a wysiwig editor...please let me know!

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    Please try "IlohaMail" - a multilingual webmail program that is easy to use and install. You can refer this URL:



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    Thanks for that Brightadmin....but still a bit too basic and bland for my needs.

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    Mailman is very nice - I believe it is in PHP, but you will have to purchase it first as I think the code is obfuscated in the trial version.

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    Try DWmail

    Try DWmail. I like it

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    Yeah. I like the look of DWMail too. I have been trying to buy a copy, but its paypal only, and i can't use my card on paypal :-/

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    I didn't think HiveMail would use so much CPU power

    hmm...maybe I need another solution as well then.

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    Hivemail is the WORST written program i have ever had the displeasure of using.

    Delivering 500 messages in a 1 minute period consumes so much CPU that it can't run anything else (P4 2.8ghz 1mb Cache, 1gb ram).

    Using Postfix+Courier barely raises the CPU usage above 10%

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    SocketMail the way to go ... new version coming out.... check this thread too :

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    Originally posted by cybexhost1
    Isn't Horde == IMP?

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    Originally posted by brianbloom
    Isn't Horde == IMP?
    Horde is a framework.
    while IMP is a component rely on Horde.

    coz IMP is the most famous component so you coud say Horde ~= IMP.

    There's lots of other components. like calendar and address book are rely on Horde as well.

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    if u look for php webmail system, i high recommend iGENUS:

    i use this system for my webhosting business. this project start with some chinese people. very populor in china now. but i think few people hear before.

    if u interested, u can visit the offical website of iGENUS.

    some information about IGENUS webmail system below:

    * iGENUS webmail
    * Copyright (c) 1999-2001 by iGENUS network system Inc.
    * All rights reserved.
    * Author: Wu Qiong <[email protected]>
    * $Id: README,v 1.2 2003/03/06 02:50:17 wuqiong Exp $

    What's iGENUS ?

    iGENUS webmail is a Webmail interface for mail servers based on qmail + vpopmail.
    This a GPL project, maintained by wu qiong. The mails are read directely from Maildirs
    on the server harddisk, which is much quicker than using protocols such as POP3 or
    IMAP. Other features includes multiple language support (currently English, Chinese
    and Chinese Traditional(Big5)), folders and addressbook support (comming soon).

    iGENUS webmail version 2 is programmed in PHP4. Developers and translators are welcome
    to mail to [email protected].

    iGENUS webmail 1.0.1 for chinese only (no longer developing!) programmed in perl


    iGENUS webmail 2.0 snapshort version: in developing NOW!


    Online DEMO:

    install Requirement:

    UNIX entironment (FreeBSD linux etc.)
    Apache 1.3.1 or higher
    PHP4.0 or higher with build in MySql / IMAP modules
    MySQL 3.22 or higher
    qmail 1.03
    vpopmail-4.8 or higher build in MySql support


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    iGenius is in Perl and PHP ? Looks nice .. SocketMail has the professional version which support multi domain and also bulletin boards such as Invisionboard, vBulletin and phpBB...


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    the newest version of iGENUS is base one php and mysql.

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