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    CPanel: Exim and FreeBSD issue.

    FreeBSD / Exim All Mail Sent to Main Accounts
    WHM 9.1.0 cPanel 9.1.0-R74
    FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE - WHM X v2.1.2

    I was doing account transfers from an existing server (Red Hat 9.0) to the new FreeBSD server. Everything went really well, except for the email.

    If I transfer then all of the email accounts such as:
    [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] all get transferred over as well.

    However, any email sent to any of these addresses goes to CPanel user site (Main Account for and not [x]

    I could manually mess with aliases and the forwarding, etc.. and get it to work, but I need for my customers to be able to have functioning email accounts that they setup themselves.

    Any help on this is HUGELY appreciated.

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    check what exim routers say in /var/log/exim
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    cd /usr/ports/mail/exim
    make deinstall
    /scripts/installpkg exim

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