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    phpMyAdmin Tutorials

    Hi guys,
    just wondering if any of you knows any nice tutorial to introduce to me?
    As i am new to phpMyAdmin.

    Some more question how to i create a Foreign key in phpMyAdmin?

    And what does Unique and index do?

    Thanks in advance

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    I would first head over to and read through the documentation for standard use of mysql. There's a reasonable tutorial in there. Then I would worry about figuring out phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin works best as a supplement.

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    Ashram... this is really the kind of thing you need to google out before occupying a forum with such a trivial thing. First hit off of google is:

    BTW... another good thing about this site is they've got about two dozen pictures of really attractive people on their home page... true they're probably just a bunch of normal folks like you and I... but doesn't it make you want to host where the really there beatiful people host?
    LOL... I like it.

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