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    Exclamation need help deciding...

    Okay so i need a dedicated server. I run an recording studio and also do marketing for companies. Most marketing projects i do usually include web design and hosting for the companies based here out of orlando. I need a dedicated server.

    I have found ServerMatrix and also known of I want to get teh cheapest but still get good quality. The thing is some of my projects are of Bands and a Video Production Comapny. Therefore lots of bandwidth is needed for mp3 demo downloads and movie downloads. I looked at a package for the Intel 2.4ghz 1100gb a month transfer and 2 80gb hard drives at EV1..for 189 a month. Now i noticed on server matix..for cpanel..which i want...i can get 2.8ghz for 129 + 20(cpanel) a month....that gives me the gig of ram i want and 1000 transfer. The onlyt thing is only one 80gig hardrive. Now the thing is server matrix is cheaper it seems here...but quality wise..which is speed and uptime. Support isnt a big thing because most problems i can troubleshoot myself. Now i know ev1 sucks in support but is their services so bad that i will need support all the time? I also want a stable company that i know will stay in business. I want to use this for a long time with as little hassel of moving and stuff as possible.

    Tell me what you can do to help. THanks

    Id like to make the decision tonight...

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    I have always found ev1 to be fine with the support. In terms of reliability and speed they are excellent. They've been around for years, they basically invented the sub-$100 server. Also, their conectivity is amazing -

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