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    Traffic websites that send visitors targeted and untargeted with the cheapest price.

    What websites do you know of that offer this that is the cheapest you have seen. I'm also looking for a company that does it through redirect and not popup windows. My reason for this is what if people have popup stoppers will the window still popup? If it doesn't will it still be counted or will the company still count it? With the number of people with popup stoppers these days what assurance do you have in that that the 10,000 you might have ordered isn't really 8,000 cause of blockers?
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    google adwords

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    I wouldn't bother with those kind of programs. I've purchased over 20,000 targeted unique visitors and got about 2 sign ups.

    I don't really trust the authenticity of these programs. AdWords and investing in improving search engine listing is more beneficial in my opinion.

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    ok thank you, I'm reading the targetedvisitors thread now
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    I have used . I am currently running the 50,000 targeted campaing. There traffic is legit but its getting them to convert and buy, that is the trick.

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