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    Logo Request

    First off, let me state that this is a request only, and i have no intention to pay for a logo. I do not expect many if any replies to this, i just thought i would try my luck.
    Anyways, I am in the process of making a logo for my paintball team. I have made a couple, in which we will use if i get no response here. But, if you would be willing to make me a logo, feel free to be creative. The name of the team is Undisputed Ballers. That is the only thing i absolutly need in this logo. Style, font, (though i do have a few i prefer, but they are downloaded fonts) colors, and everything else is up to the creators.
    Not beggin for someone to make me one, just trying my luck on getting a better one, as mine are not the greatest.

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    I will give it a shot if I have some time tomorrow

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    cool, might try something for ya too. can you post a link to the ones that you've started just to get a point of refference?

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    What fonts would you like to be used in the logo?

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    Here is a link to one that i made, and one that a friend made for me.

    ^^These dont look the greatest, which is why i'm asking here. As you can see, mine is just a very simple one, I am a newbie at making stuff, and am not very experienced. My friend is better, but not experienced either.

    The fonts that I like can be found at
    There is one called 08 Underground, and Bring the Noise. But I do not care what font really.

    Again, be creative as i have no point of view on how i want these to look.

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    Not using the fonts that you like, but that's ok. Three concepts and colors. Its full vector shapes so all colors can be adjusted.

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    They all three look good, thank you very much!

    If anyone else still wants to submit they can.

    -I/my team is deciding on these three right now though.

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