I have 4 years of professional experience developing PHP/MySQL web applications. I am available immediately for projects large and small, and I am flexible on payment plans, timelines, and such. I have a background in major projects, such as portal systems, directories, web database integration, etc, but I have developed smaller projects for clients in the past.

Additional skills include: Apache (1.3 and 2.0), LDAP, SSL/Secure Servers, Linux, Unix (Including Solaris and HP-UX), Windows/Office, Networking, Security, PC Hardware, and Project Management.

I am open to working on projects, contract employment, and full time employment (in the Dayton/Springfield Ohio area, or telecommuting)

I was laid off last year by a University due to restructuring and outsourcing of the web team. Finding technical work in this area is pretty tough, and I don't currently have the funds to relocate.

Full resume, portfolio, and references provided to those interested.

Email to [email protected]