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    DHTML Menu

    I need to create a dhtml menu that is not confined to one spot on the page. Alot I have seen are confined to the top of the pages. I generate the menu I want, but it won't move around to my placement. Below is my code (by coffee cup html editor) please help.
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    What is the soft?

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    Not sure if you are willing (or are able) to pay for it, but I figured I would mention it anyway just incase...

    Project Seven has some cool DHTML menu options (among other things).

    I have used their "Menu Magic" before - pretty cool, easy to use and set up.

    Head here and check out the various demo's, but in particular, try the "Tree Menu Magic"...

    Hope that helps
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    I can't pay for it, I was just wondering if someone might be able to edit my code and make it not anchored.

    gmarik: I don't understand your question. The software I used is Coffee Cup HTML Editors DHTML menu creator.

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